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Are You a Pizza Lover? Favouritetable Can Help


Pizza is a tasty dish of Italian origin, consisting of a usually round and flattened base of wheat-based leavened dough, topped with tomatoes, cheese, and various other ingredients (anchovies, olives, meat, etc.) in a wood oven. Modern pizza originated from similar focaccia dishes in Naples, Italy, in the 18th or early 19th century. If you love pizza a lot and want to search for pizzas near you, Favouritetable can help out.

Dan & Angel

The pride of Dan & Angel’s shabby-chic interior is the restaurant’s wood-fired pizza oven, but don’t be fooled by the seemingly high-carb menu: the pizza crusts here are made with quinoa, mixed seeds, whole wheat, and a natural grain-based meal. Diners can opt for a vegan pizza with tomato sauce, Mediterranean ratatouille, and herbs or meatier alternatives, including Spanish chorizo ​​or pepperoni toppings. As well as pizzas, there are tapas-like vegan bruschetta or a Spanish tortilla, while main courses include pasta with chicken and chorizo, seafood linguine, or mushroom risotto. A simple selection of desserts includes ice cream and flavored sorbets, while European wines are available by the glass to wash it all down. Fancy a party? Treat yourself to a cocktail from a selection of classics or a glass of sangria.

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Pizza Uno

This restaurant offers Italian cuisine. Don’t leave without trying a well-made pizza. Pizza Uno is known for its excellent service and friendly staff, always ready to help. The warm atmosphere is found here.

La Piazzetta Petersfield

in this restaurant Italian cuisine is well cooked. Have fun here and share gluten-free pizzas, spaghetti carbonara, and perfectly cooked fillets with your friends. Visit La Piazzetta to try delicious ice cream, puddings, and pancakes. 

Guildhall Village

After a stroll through Ravelin Park, many visitors stop by this bar. It is a very nice idea to try perfectly cooked pizzas and tasty burgers. You will hardly forget good wine, craft beer, or beer to taste. Guildhall Village is known for great service and friendly staff who are always ready to help. Prices are affordable for the quality you receive. There is a peaceful atmosphere and nice decor in this place.

Casa Italian Restaurant

If you’ve never encountered Italian cuisine, you should book a table and try Casa Italian’s menu. meat pizza, and vegetable salads here. Tasty chocolate pizza, grilled pineapple, and tiramisu are the tastiest dishes .you must come to join this place. Start your meal with great coffee. You will enjoy the great service and the friendly staff always ready to help you.

Casa Roni

Savor Italian cuisine here. This restaurant provides a relaxing atmosphere after a long day’s work. Trendy service is something these restaurateurs care about. 

The bohemian

If you like British cuisine, visit The Bohemian. This place offers you tasty sandwiches, lamb, and pizza. Trying the perfectly cooked crumble and good pudding is what many guests recommend. Don’t miss the chance to drink delicious jenever, Belgian beer or ale. You can enjoy a good coffee after a long week of work. Located conveniently, this place is easy to find. Staff creativity reflects the character and style of this bar. Fabulous service is something people note in their reviews. You will like the attractive prices. At The Bohemian, visitors can enjoy the comfortable atmosphere and divine décor.


 pizza originally started as a dish for the poor, sold on the street, and not as food for the upper class. It is very interesting how today, pizza has gone from the low-class local meal of the slums of Naples to world-famous food.


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