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Alla Kournikova Finds Sporting Limelight

Alla Kournikova Latest News

Parents cannot play on the Callaway Junior World Championships’ 6-and-under competition unless they are caddying. Alla Kournikova was walking the perimeter of Colina Park Wednesday afternoon and scouting the best views from behind the chain link f威而鋼

Mom was thrilled when her son, Allan, putted a long birdie on the 15th green. He pumped his fist and Mom gave him a big “Oooooh yes!”

Alla Kournikova is enjoying another prodigy

allan kournikova

Twenty years ago, the Kournikovas began their daughter Anna on a journey that would lead her to be one of the most well-known and respected tennis players in the world. Now, Alla Kournikova watches her 6-year old son become an athlete of her own.

Allan Kournikova turns 7 in September. He is currently competing in the Junior World’s youngest age category. After rounds of 54 and 57 on the par-54 course, he is now four strokes behind Japan’s Ken Shibita who shot a stunning 52 in the second round. Today’s final rounds will be for all age divisions except the 15-17s.

Allan has only been playing in tournament golf for about a year. However, he already has more 100 trophies in his Palm Beach home. Last month, he defeated older children in the U.S. 7-8 Division. The Kids European Championship in Scotland.

He was a U.S. He shot 29 on a par-36 layout, 1,500 yards, at the Kids Regional Qualifier in Georgia this summer.
Valerie LaPapa is Allan’s regular instructor at The Breakers resort, Palm Beach. She said that “He’s certainly not your typical 6-year old.”

This is certain. Allan has been riding horses since the age of 2 1/2. He also competed in international show jumping competitions. He plans to compete in children’s triathlons soon and loves tennis. His mother, in her 40s, won the Palm Beach Recreation Center singles, doubles, and mixed doubles titles.

Allan stated that he loves golf

Allan’s athletic abilities are a bit faster than his famous older sister. She got her first tennis racket when she was 5 and started competing in tournaments at age 8. Anna Kournikova was 10, the daughter of Sergei, a champion wrestler. She moved to Florida at Nick Bollettieri’s tennis academy.

Anna Kournikova (who turned 30 in June) rose to the No. 1 spot in singles. 8 in the world, but she has never won a WTA tournament. She will soon be a celebrity trainer on “Biggest Loser” because of injuries that have limited her playing career.

Alla Kournikova divorced Sergei. She had Allan with Baron Michael Mood de Medici.

Alla Kournikova was asked to compare Allan to Anna. Boys and girls are very different. He’s strong. He will only accept what he wants.

She chuckled, adding that she wished he was more focused. “But he’s a normal kid.” He can flip his room around in a matter of minutes.”

Alla insists that Allan has not been forced to play sports, just as Anna. However, she did want him to try as many foods as possible at an early age. His mom claims that he is an active child who can’t stay still long enough to watch TV.

Allan’s instructor in golf, LaPapa, described her pupil as “kind of wild man.” He loves golf. He will tell you he can’t do it, even if you tell him otherwise. This is what sets him apart from the rest. He doesn’t fear competition.”

Colina Park is a little difficult for Allan because of his distance. He can drive the ball up to 145 yards.
His favorite golfer was? Allan stated that he liked Dustin Johnson because he hit the ball far as he did.
Allan believes he will be playing golf for quite some time. He said, “For a long long, long and long, long time.”

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