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5 Tips for A Flawless Instagram Takeover

5 Tips for A Flawless Instagram Takeover

Getting your brand noticed is easy when you work with an influencer for an Instagram takeover. Besides refreshing a brand’s IG account, well-executed Instagram takeovers can benefit both the guest and the host by increasing the Instagram auto likes.

Instagram Takeover: What Is It?

Sharing someone’s content with their followers is part of taking over their Instagram account. In addition, Instagram takeovers provide brands, influencers, and individuals with opportunities for collaboration and cross-promotion. As a result, you would not need to buy Instagram followers.

In the past, the Instagram takeover concept started when brands would let other Instagrammers post images on their feeds. But the concept has evolved with the features of Instagram. Instagram takeovers have taken on new dimensions with video, Stories, and live video updates.

5 Tips for A Flawless Instagram Takeover

Following are the five main tips for the successful and flawless Instagram takeover strategy:

  1. Determine Your Goals

Before undertaking an Instagram takeover, brands should outline what they hope to accomplish. A marketing goal may be to

  • Raise brand awareness,
  • Promote products, or
  • Engage users

Regarding likes, comments, and messages, tracking improvement is easier when you focus on getting the most out of user engagement and getting more Instagram auto likes. For example, a successful takeover can be judged by improvement in traffic and conversions to the website if launching a new product, service, or event. Likewise, increased followers or views and mentions are indicators of brand awareness.

Knowing your goals and how you plan to achieve them from the start sets the tone for the takeover process. The success of the takeover can also be gauged by tracking specific metrics during the process.

  1. Defining Guidelines and Metrics Before the Takeover

Tracking is the key to improving. To succeed with your Instagram takeover strategy, pay attention to these metrics. It depends on your end goal and what metrics you should track when tracking takeovers. The following numbers may be measured:

  • What was the number of viewers who watched your takeover?
  • Engagement on a post
  • Increase in followers’ count
  • As a result of the takeover, the number of direct messages received

Qualitative metrics shouldn’t be discounted. Qualitative metrics evaluate your brand’s interactions with its audience through direct messaging (DM). In contrast, quantitative metrics deal with follower count and comment count and increased Instagram auto likes. Your takeover results must be assessed using both metrics.

Setting objectives and metrics ahead of time is key to setting your goals. So along with its objectives and topics, the plan outlines how they will measure the success of the Instagram takeover. The success factors include follower numbers, likes, and average monthly reach. Metrics and guidelines should be specific.

  1. Choose Your Takeover Host

For a successful takeover, choosing the right host is crucial.

When choosing a host, you should take the following factors into account.

  • Choosing a Host: Influencer or Another Brand

In addition to being more expensive, influencers may reach a wider audience. Many businesses offer this service for free as a result you would not need to buy Instagram followers from paid promotions. Additionally, contests and other social events may be suitable for joint partnerships. Choose your takeover host based on what your existing audience wants to see and relate to.

  • Reach You Want From The Takeover

A relatively engaged audience with at least 20,000 followers will help you reach 15,000 new followers. However, reaching a few thousand opens up more possibilities if you’re okay with that.

  • Interests of Your Existing Audience

Suppose you have an account about boutique fitness, so an audience might be interested in seeing a healthy cooking coach spend a day at a boutique fitness studio, for instance. Or choosing paintings for one’s wall space can be a challenge for a company like Crate and Barrel.

  • Identify Your Ideal Audience

If account growth or visibility are your primary goals, you need to reach their audience and save yourself from buying Instagram followers. It’s easy to find new influencers using a tool like BuzzSumo if you don’t already know them.

  1. Choose Your Takeover Type

You can run many different types of takeovers for your brand. Following are the three main types of Instagram takeovers:

  • Story Takeover

An extremely popular kind of takeover is the story takeover. It may be prepared in advance or live, depending on the situation. The best times to do live story takeovers are when someone actively posts throughout the day, such as during an event. Prepared story takeovers don’t have a time limit and can cover anything.

If your company is running the takeover, or if you have worked with them frequently before, it is best to have someone from your company running the takeover. Reviewing the content in advance won’t be easy because it will post throughout the event. You will need to provide the guests’ takeover your account information so that they can post content on your account.

Your Instagram account would be great for hosting a prepared story takeover. To make sure the content is compliant with your brand guidelines and expectations, you can preview it before publishing it. Guest takeover content should be submitted by a deadline. Then, after reviewing and approving it, it will be sent to you.

  • Live Takeover

An Instagram Live takeover is an opportunity for your guests to perform for your audience in a live video. Since this is similar to a live story takeover, you’ll need to provide your login information. The live takeover is a great way to make your audience feel included.

  • Post-Takeover

It is easy to run a post takeover on Instagram. To take over, the person must write a post and submit it by your deadline.

  1. Instagram Takeover Needs to Be Promoted

Promotion is a key component of an IG takeover’s success. Hosts and brands must promote the takeover properly to reach a large audience. Posting an announcement post across profiles and channels begins the promotion process. Even you can use a Private Instagram Profile viewer for better exposure.

IG takeovers should be considered unique events to ensure the best results which you would not get by buying Instagram followers from paid promotion.

A lot of promotion is required to keep the buzz going before and after events.

Here’s how IG takeover events are promoted based on each phase.

  • The takeover should be announced a couple of days before the event to ensure everyone is looking forward to it. Posts should be posted on multiple social media channels by both the host and the brand. Each day before the event, post a couple of teasers to keep the audience reminded and intrigued.
    • Begin the event by introducing your guest to a story.
    • Further engaging the audience can be achieved with takeover material. A summary of the stories highlighted in Stories Highlights should be included in future posts and references to the experiences and lessons learned.

Conclusion: What Happens When You Want to Run Flawless IG Takeover?

Instagram takeovers help you reach new audiences, develop relationships with content creators, get Instagram auto likes and promote new products. Mixing things up is a good idea.

Your Instagram account can benefit significantly from an Instagram takeover. A strategic approach to the practice almost eliminates its downsides. Both parties will likely benefit (and be surprised by) each other during an Instagram takeover.

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