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5 Kindergarten Sensory Bin Use Ideas You Never Been Thought!

Kindergarten classroom teachers employ sensory bins in a variety of ways, but one thing is constant: Sensory play activities are a crucial component of the kindergarten Malaysia ‘s classroom. You’re in luck if you’re attempting to decide how to best include sensory activities in your kindergarten schedule. I’m going to discuss five of my favourite methods to use sensory bins for kindergarten in this blog article.


What to Put in Kindergarten Sensory Bins


Making sensory activities for preschoolers and toddlers is comparable to making a sensory bin for kindergarten kids. A plastic tub (or sensory table), toys (or a learning activity), and sensory items are all you need to make a basic sensory bin. Students can experiment with various textures while learning as they play with the toys or finish the task.


The possibilities for sensory bin filling are endless! Any time I visit the dollar store, I try to keep a look out for small items to add to sensory bins. Here are some of my favourite things to put in sensory bins:


Rice, beans, lentils, pasta, and popcorn kernels are examples of dry food.

Pom poms, beads, pipe cleaners, shredded paper, and sand are craft supplies.

Classroom tools include magnetic letters, counters, base ten cubes, and mini erasers.

Easter basket grass, tinsel, bells, leaves, and gold coins are examples of holiday and seasonal items.


5 Kindergarten Sensory Bin Use Ideas


While sensory bins are an excellent educational tool, choosing when to use them during the school day can be challenging. Here are my top five suggestions for incorporating sensory exercises into a kindergarten Malaysia’s routine:


Work in the Morning

For morning work, sensory bins are a fantastic option! Students are supposing to ease into their day of learning with the help of morning work. Students can wake up their senses and be ready for learning by engaging in sensory activities first thing in the morning.


You should utilise a variety of tiny plastic tubs or trays because morning work is typically done in pairs or independently, allowing each kid to have their own sensory bin. For students to benefit from sensory play, you most certainly don’t need a big sensory tub on each desk! Additionally, smaller trays and tubs are ideal for shelving storage, making it simple to access them every morning.


2. Fine Motor Exercise

Do your kindergarteners get a chance to develop their fine motor skills during the day? It’s crucial to give these young children practise with their fine motor skills throughout the school day because they are still developing their hand strength and endurance. You can incorporate that exercise into your regular routine by using sensory bins.


Include activities or gadgets that require kids to use their hand strength or move objects in their hands as you set up your sensory bins. You can bury task cards in the filler if you’re adding them to your sensory bins so that kids must use their dexterity to uncover them and remove them from the bins. Try engaging in tasks that call for sensory bin implements like a little dustpan, tongs, or tweezers!


3. Centers for math and literacy

Consider include some sensory exercises in your classroom’s rotations of literacy and math centres. You might utilise different bins for various sensory centres, or you could add a reading or arithmetic task to your sensory table for one spin.


Using a variety of card activities is a low-prep method to incorporate reading and numeracy practise to a sensory station. You can put the cards in the sensory bin when it has been filled either standing up, lying down, or buried. After selecting cards from the sensory bin, students can carry out the activity and add it to a recording sheet.


You can print up individual record-keeping papers for each kid to turn in at the conclusion of sensory bin centres if you want to boost accountability on the part of the learners. For a write-and-wipe sensory experience, simply put one recording page in a sheet protector in the alternative!


4. Holiday celebrations and fun

You can add some seasonal excitement to your classroom using sensory bins! You can find holiday sensory bin fillers, as I described above, to pique children’ interest in each activity. Then, you may include a holiday- or season-themed reading or math practise exercise to create a themed sensory bin.


These particular sensory exercises might be added to the usual centre rotation during a holiday week or use for special school festivities. Students will be eager to take part in these themed learning activities in any case!


5. Instruction or intervention in small groups

Sensory activities are a great option for small group training or intervention since they are so engaging. The repetition of these skills can dull students who still need to work on their literacy and numeracy skills. They must take part in educational activities that stimulate their senses and keep their minds active. These students will therefore be more likely to pick up on and retain the desired skills. A perk is the additional fine motor practise.


Year-Long Kindergarten Sensory Bin Activities


I have produced a tool that may be quickly added to kindergarten sensory bins. In actuality, it contains a whole year’s worth of experiential learning! Your kids will be interested in studying all year long thanks to the enjoyable seasonal math and literacy activities in this resource. These monthly sensory bin activities are structured to move from letter recognition to sight words and all in between, following the traditional progression of the kindergarten curriculum. Your pupils will have a blast while honing crucial academic abilities!


Last but not least, if you found this article useful, kindly share it to your social platforms to let more educators / parents learn about this topic. Thanks for reading as well !


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