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3 Ways to Dress Your 1/4 Zip Pullover Up and 3 Ways to Dress It Down

A 1/4 zip pullover is a mainstay in your wardrobe for a reason. It’s a comfortable piece of outerwear and is versatile to no end. Just when you think you can’t wear your quarter zip, you’ll find a way to style it just right for the situation.  Whether you’re dressing up or down, here are three ways to do both.

Let’s start by covering the more dressed-up looks, which will look right at home in meetings, Sunday service, or other important events.

Dressed Up: Wear a 1/4 Zip Pullover with a Polo

Surprise, surprise—what’s underneath your 1/4 zip pullover can influence the vibe of your outfit just as much as the pullover itself. While you’re wearing a cashmere or fleece quarter zip on top, pick one of your favorite polos to wear underneath. Keep your pullover unzipped halfway—or all the way if you want to show off your polo—and you’ll have a look ready for all your business casual events.

Dressed Up: Pair It with Dress Slacks and Shoes

While you’re flaunting your favorite pullover up top, what’s on the bottom half of your outfit has just as much to say about your vibe. The right combination of slacks and shoes can create your desired dressed-up look. Pick a pair of khaki, black, or grey dress pants and some leather shoes or Chelsea boots. Just imagine you’re picking them out for a Sunday service or lunch with your boss. Now, you’ve got the upscale look you’ve been wanting.

Dressed Up: Add a Tie and Button Up

Your quarter zip is one of your favorite pieces, but sometimes it just needs to take a back seat to the rest of your outfit. When you add a button up shirt and a tie to your style, your pullover becomes a layering piece that is more of a supporting actor than the lead. And that’s OK! We all know that a great supporting actor can sometimes be key to award-winning movies. Embrace the supporting role, and you’ll have a dressed-up look ready for anything.

If you’re gearing up for a more casual affair, such as golfing with friends or hanging out with family, try these dressed down tips.

Dressed Down: Jeans Add a Comfortable, Casual Touch

They’re simple. They’re easy to pull off. There’s a reason jeans are so popular. With a pullover, they create a look that you’ll want to wear again and again. It looks good anywhere from a regular day in the office to a trip to the coast. The best part? You can wear almost any color of quarter zip you want. They all look good with a pair of jeans.

Dressed Down: Rock a T-Shirt and Performance Pants

Whether you’re golfing, your job requires a lot of moving, or you just love the feel of moisture-wicking performance clothes, a lightweight T-shirt and performance pants are a perfect combination with your quarter zip. Pick a color of pants that you like, grey, navy, or even green, and then contrast it on top with a different color that meshes well. This is a fun way to add comfort and fun colors to your outfits.

Dressed Down: A Quarter Zip Hoodie Is Perfect for Laid-Back Settings

Want a unique, fun, and comfortable spin on your pullover? A quarter zip hoodie combines your favorite sweater’s comfort with a pullover’s layered look. Pull the hood up when there’s a drizzle or chilly breeze; leave it down when the sun is shining, and you want to feel the warmth in the air. A hoodie quarter zip is a casual piece that will be at the top of your wardrobe for a long time.

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