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3 Types Of Hair Closures All Women Should Know

Hair Closures

A closure is necessary if you frequently use different kinds of wigs. Your scalp and hairstyle will look more natural as a result. There are various widely used varieties of hair closures, and it can be difficult to tell them apart. Here is your comprehensive guide to the various closures.

Lace Closure

The most common type of hair closure available right now is lace closure. Contrary to the name, lace closures are not usually constructed entirely of lace. You can frequently find a silk closure that mimics lace closures in terms of appearance and texture.

Lace closures typically have a square form and are available in one of three styles:

  • One-part closure, also known as middle part closure, is a common construction method. The part can be placed either in the middle of the head or to one side, and this form of closure can only be styled in one way.
  • Three-part closure, which provides you with more styling possibilities overall. A traditional center portion is still an option, but you can also experiment with various side parts that use the same closure.
  • Free-part closure gives you practically infinite styling options for your hair. No matter which hairstyle you choose, whether you choose a middle part, side part, or no part, it will look wonderful.

Lace Frontal Closure

Compared to a regular lace closure, a lace frontal is much larger. A frontal lace spans from ear to ear, covering the full top of your head, in contrast to a plain lace closure, which sits on top of your head.

Another significant distinction between lace closures and lace frontal closures is that lace frontal closures allow for unlimited hair styling options. With a lace frontal closure, you may easily realize your vision, whether you choose a middle, side, no part at all, or anything in between.

360 Frontal Closure

When comparing 360 frontal closures to lace closures, the first obvious distinction is that, as opposed to a square or rectangular piece, you receive a circle headband with hair linked to it on all sides. These closures provide the most freedom to experiment with various hairstyles because they closely resemble your natural hairline.

You may now wear the ponytails, braids, and twists you’ve always desired thanks to a 360 frontal closure. Additionally, you can use some hair gel to style the baby hairs, whichever you choose. Your 360 frontal closure will ensure the most natural and luxurious appearance no matter what hairdo you choose.

How To Attach A Hair Closure

The three most popular techniques for securing closure to your wig are listed here. It may be stitched in, taped down, or bonded. The trick is that, in the end, each of the three approaches yields a stunning outcome. Therefore the attachment technique you choose should be based on your tastes and abilities.

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