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2022 Magento 2 Checkout Process Improvements

It is so disappointing when all the time and money invested in driving traffic ends up with high cart abandonment rates. It is a well-known fact that one in 5 online shoppers abandons their cart because of a too-long and complicated checkout process. If you want to improve the checkout process on the Magento 2 store, then you need to read this blog first.

Magento 2 stores are susceptible to these statistics because the default Magento 2 checkout customization is quite limited and feature-poor.

If you’re still missing the full extent of the problem, count the money spent on advertising or promotion and then imagine that 70% of them don’t work because of a single problem – an unoptimized checkout process.

We have explored the problem and its possible solutions in more detail. Follow our article to find out detailed information about the checkout process on Magento 2 store.

Reasons for Abandoning Checkout Process on Magento 2 Store

The checkout process on Magento 2 stores is a complicated flow of customer actions and decisions that begins on the product page and continues until a successful order. Unexpected errors or problems during the process can lead to lost sales. And about half of typical payment issues are directly related to the payment experience:

  • Unexpected costs arose
  • Complex website navigation
  • The payment process is too long
  • Payment security concerns
  • Website Timeout
  • Mandatory account creation
  • Poor selection of payment options
  • Payment processing issues
  • Typical checkout problems

These are some primary reasons for the high abandonment rate of your Magento 2 store cart. If you want to know the cure to make a smooth checkout process on Magento 2 store, then read further.

Tips for Improving the Checkout Process on Magento 2 Store

Here we will share working tips to improve your Magento 2 checkout process.

1.  Create an Easy Checkout Process on Magento 2 Store

Most importantly, you need to clearly understand where to go and what to do after clicking the Add to Cart button in a Magento 2 store.

Additionally, a long and complicated checkout can discourage customers and cause them to abandon their carts.

The perfect solution is to offer a one-step checkout in Magento 2 stores. It reduces unnecessary fields and significantly saves shoppers’ time.

Shoppers also clearly see which fields need to be filled in and can estimate the approximate time it will take increasing customer satisfaction.

2.  Don’t Make a Mess in Your Checkout Process on Magento 2 Store

Try to avoid clutter and get rid of unnecessary boxes at the checkout. Buyers understand what information you need to complete an order, so additional fields only annoy shoppers and don’t work as an advantage.

Thus, organize the Checkout process on Magento 2 store and minimize the information field. Or you can mark mandatory and optional fields, so if buyers are in a hurry, they can just field mandatory information and complete the order.

3.  Create a Mobile-Friendly Checkout Design

According to statistics, more than 79% of smartphone users explore online stores to make a purchase. Additionally, Stats show that 40% of users will go to the other competitor’s site after an unresponsive mobile experience, yet an alarming 84% face difficulty completing the transaction with their smartphone.

However, you can learn from these stats about the importance of responsive design in Magento 2 stores. Now it’s your turn to analyze and test your website and see its UX/UI interface on every device. If this is good, congratulations. You are ready to gain customers from multiple devices.

But if you are facing issues or get some unresponsive design, then Hire a Magento developer in India. They will help you build a responsive website with multiple devices friendly checkout design for your Magento 2 store.

4.   Remove or Simplify Mandatory Login Forms at Checkout Process on Magento 2 Store

Many shoppers abandon their shopping cart when they realize they have to create an account to make a purchase. Also, a common problem is when shoppers abandon their cart because they simply forgot their password and didn’t want to waste time resetting it.

You can help your buyers and simplify the sign-up process as a merchant. You can allow shoppers to place orders as guests, but don’t waste an opportunity to engage your shoppers afterward. Try not to overdo it with guest checkout.

A better option is to allow opt-out customers to be identified by email or allow shoppers to log in via social networks – one-click registration is acceptable for most buyers.

5.  Offer Multiple Payment Options on Checkout Process on Magento 2 Store

About 11% of customers abandon their cart because they didn’t find the payment method they wanted. That’s why it’s so important to offer multiple payment methods so buyers can choose the one they use and trust.

More payment methods can attract more customers and increase the conversion rate. However, In the Magento 2 store, you can add various payment methods for your buyers, such as:

  • Check/money order
  • Cash on delivery
  • Bank Transfer
  • Purchase Order
  • Zero Subtotal Checkout

Additionally, Magento 2 offers multiple payment gateways options i.e.

  • Saved Credit Card payment method
  • PayPal
  • Authorize.net
  • Google Wallet
  • Amazon Payment
  • 2CheckOut
  • Cybersource
  • WorldPay
  • Pin Payments
  • Payza
  • DIBS Payment
  • PAYMILL and so on.

If you want to know any specific payment gateway details for your Magento 2 Store, you can contact a Magento development services provider. They will guide you in-depth on which payment option you can add to your Magento store and how you can do this integration.

6.  Provide Security Features to Improve the Checkout Process on Magento 2 Store

Security trust issues are also a big reason for the abandonment rate occurring during the Checkout process on Magento 2 Store. Due to payment security concerns, online stores should state that all data that customers fill in is protected and will never fall into the hands of intruders. Placing a block of trusted seals on the checkout page increases your customers’ confidence in process security and privacy.

You can also add an SSL certificate on your website so every user can get safety vibes while filling in the payment details.

7.  Adding Pleasant Options in Your Magento 2 Store

Every buyer loves it when they get a top choice in their purchase and delivery. Thus, you need to provide delightful options on the checkout page.

You can allow your customers to choose a delivery date and time. And offer free shipping to those who reach a conditional total order price.

Providing additional benefits like paying with credits or redeeming coupon codes and gift cards is also a good marketing strategy for increasing buyers to purchase more on the eCommerce store. These bonuses will help build your brand and cultivate customer loyalty.

8.  Add Customization with Data

Creating personalized shopping and checkout experiences have also increased checkout page conversions. However, in eCommerce, personalization can be much more than just greeting customers by their first names.

However, to create personalization, you will need to collect user data beyond the basic ones such as first name, last name, and email address.

Using information such as shopping behaviour, recently viewed products, and popular categories can create a better overall experience for your customers. Adding more personalization like reward points can also help retain customers.

The more they shop on your site, the more benefits they get.

9.  Use Static Content to Improve the checkout Process on Magento 2 Store

Checkout pages on Magento 2 sites have the most significant number of static resources. This can cause slow loading speeds, discouraging customers from purchasing products in their shopping carts.

A default Magento 2 site will need to load more than 300 JavaScript files, totalling around 3MB. Magento checkout pages take longer to load because they can’t work with the cache.

While Magento 2 is a great platform, its automatic JS bundling isn’t the best for most use cases. You can manually build Advanced JavaScript Bundling in tandem with a good content delivery network.

10.  Optimize Cookies to Improve the Checkout Process on Magento 2 Store

Site owners often neglect to optimize cookies because of their small files that don’t affect performance. However, cookies can grow as more people visit and revisit your site.

When the cookie size reaches a certain point, it can cause a massive drop in your site’s loading speed. Using a cookie-free domain can help you avoid this risk and improve the loading speed of your Magento checkout page.

Above mentioned all tips help you improve the checkout process on Magento 2 store. If you are still confused about how to improve the checkout process on Magento 2, you can contact an award-winning Magento Development agency such as Pixlogix Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

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