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World Tour to Create a 7-Step Around-the-World Itinerary

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You’re preparing a route that will take you everywhere. Congrats! One year of travel around the world  tour turned into ten years of exploration, which changed my life. My one-year programmed for travel consisted of diverse adventures and fifteen different countries. But it was challenging to limit my dream locations to just fifteen.

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 I have some advice for anyone who is designing their own itinerary after spending a long time traversing the world and multiple tours after the initial one. If you’re considering a round-the-world trip, it’s normally a lengthy journey of at least a few months and potentially even a full year. Here are eight ideas, or eight phases, to help you focus your travel itinerary on the stops along the way that will fit within your financial constraints, emphasise the places that will stand out in your memory, and make sense for the trip you’ve always wanted to take.

 Make a global bucket list of things to do.

The most enjoyable part of arranging a journey around the world is the early stages. You may already have a lengthy list of places you want to see in your itinerary. Maybe you’ve already identified the most memorable events, but you still want more suggestions. Make a list of all the places you want to visit before setting out, as the weather and your route may automatically cross off some of them.

 If you’re seeking for more travel inspiration, look at the best travel books by region or browse my Destination Travel  for world tour Guides for suggestions on podcasts and long reads. Take use of these books and resources to get ideas for activities to undertake as well as places to include in your round-the-world itinerary. Perhaps you’ve had the pleasure of reading The Devil’s Picnic and have added Paris to your list of places to visit in search of the tart but delectable Epoisses de Bourgogne cheese, or perhaps you’ve added Bhutan because of its enthralling portrayal in The Geography of Bliss (which is why it’s on my list of places to add on the future RTW travel!). Books and podcasts can be fantastic resources for expanding your knowledge about things to do on your next trip.

Once you’ve decided which places would be the best for your vacation itinerary Pick five locations that are top priorities for you. These will serve as the framework for your overall strategy. Depending on the schedule, the weather, and other considerations, the other locations you indicated might be merged into those locations. You decide the level of detail you want world tour. While some travellers plan their entire trip ahead of time, others only think about the first few months before they leave.

 My top three travel destinations are:

I had three key responsibilities in my first year in Australia. On the Great Barrier Reef, one of them was scuba diving. My journey started in Australia as a result. Another memorable experience was visiting my sister in India, which was followed by two months of travelling in the north from Mumbai, before we had the chance to volunteer in Nepal to cap off our trip. The third one was an issue of scheduling because I’d always wanted to visit Scotland during August to attend the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


Then, during the six months I spent travelling in Southeast Asia with my 11-year-old niece, I guided her through some basic Google searches so she could see what was available. We jointly created our RTW itinerary on her three top priorities, which included visiting Angkor Wat, going ziplining in a certain location, and having an ethical elephant encounter.


  1. Select your preferred global direction.

From your home country, your trip itinerary will either take you east to west or west to east around the globe. Backtracking is not advised because it costs money, exacerbates jet lag, and is bad for the environment. Whether you buy a round-the-world ticket (which demands this criterion) or if you book flights to world tour on the fly, use this procedure.


Journey to the east’s benefits and drawbacks

  • Moving in this way is harder on your body and creates more jet lag, according to scientists. The short of it is that because you lose time when you cross time zones, your body really favours cycles that are somewhat longer than 24 hours, not shorter.
  • You’ll need to become an expert at managing jet lag if you want to avoid losing several days to it in each new place.
  • You probably won’t notice the difference much if your path slowly circumnavigates the world and you’re planning a really long RTW trip, perhaps 18 months or longer.


Pros and cons of moving west include:

  • Your body actually prefers days that are longer than 24 hours, so your internal clock finds it much easy to add hours to your day. As a result, there will be less nights spent pacing and altering the hotel room at three in the morning.
  • Your body can handle at least two hours of time zone hopping in this way without having a noticeable influence on you, thus it is fantastic to steadily bounce west over the world. Your biggest time zone change will likely occur at the beginning of your journey if you are travelling across the Pacific from the United States, allowing you to travel more leisurely for several months later.


2. Look for unusual locations to visit.

You now have a direction and a destination in mind. It’s time to complete the blanks on your vacation plan for the world. Instead of flying, use public transportation to get around; you’ll see more of the country and its people and have better vacation experiences. Return as soon as possible to the few must-see locations on your bucket list. These act as the foundational elements of the itinerary. These locations on the map ought to give you a good indication of the all route for world tour.


Reduce your list to four and see if it helps if they don’t, or whether one is just an outlier that obscures logical leaps. If you really like the idea of an event but it isn’t appropriate for this trip, it might be a wonderful vacation all by itself in a few years.


Your timetable needs the specifics, which usually come from visiting groups of nearby countries, as you’ll be travelling overland between many of these destinations. However, if you want it to work, you must first confirm the nation’s visa requirements, as some countries demand advance visas or forbid crossings at particular borders. Popular routes like backpacking Southeast Asia have few restrictions, which are easy to manage online or in the days before your border crossing.


Start highlighting the nations that are close to your main trip destinations on the map. That looks like this: It makes sense to add Sri Lanka and India’s Golden Triangle in your itinerary since you’ll undoubtedly be in the area and hiking in Nepal is a must-do.


3. Discover the local festivals.

Around the world, local holidays are often colourful, cultural, and enjoyable. It is often distressing to learn too late that you nearly missed a big religious occasion. It also surprises you if you believe you are travelling during the off-season but really arrive during Brazil’s carnival.

Schedule your travel to coincide with the festival dates that seem to offer the most fun to you. This is important for family vacations with kids because they take pleasure in the excitement, colours, and delicacies served at these occasions. Depending on the situation, you may need to make housing reservations in advance, which will limit your flexibility to adjust your trip itinerary.


Here are a few well-known events held each year around which many visitors make plans: In late August, Spain celebrates La Tomatina; in early March, Thailand celebrates Songkran Water Festival; and in late October or early November, Thailand celebrates Loy Krathong Lantern Festival.

When my cousin told me that we could only meet in India in February. Also, we would be there for two months. I began looking for festivals around the world to decide where we should spend Holi, the Festival of Colours. It was unquestionably the highlight of my trip. I’m thrilled that a stop at this incredible Indian festival was part of our itinerary for our international trip.


4. To fit your travel budget, use sites as Tetris pieces.

Over the course of a year, I managed an unbelievable $20,000 travel budget. Japan, being located in Asia, is quite expensive. Mexico, Central America, and parts of South America are examples of destinations that are affordable.

How I kept my RTW travel costs in check:

I travelled for eleven months, three of which were in the exorbitantly expensive nations of Australia, England, Scotland, and Ireland. Overspending throughout the three and a half months that I spent backpacking in South Asia was truly difficult. This is because the least expensive options were India and Nepal (even cheaper than backpacking in Southeast Asia). The next months were spent in two low- to mid-range regions: Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe.


Despite the fact that some days in Europe cost over $100. Overall, I was able to comfortably stick to a daily budget of $50.


5. Make plans based on the weather.

Research the locations you want to visit before making travel arrangements. Think about your own climatic preferences. Even if it’s improbable that you’ll visit every place during the season of your choice. You should be aware of the dates that the islands become uninhabitable during monsoon season. Additionally, you should be aware of the times that blizzards can ruin a planned ski trip. An amazing map of South and Southeast Asia’s weather patterns has been created by my friends.


You can use it to aid your research. Additionally, you can undertake research utilizing this wonderful global list of shoulder season vacation spots. This list of the off-seasons in Europe. This truly remarkable map shows a hypothetical global journey with flawless weather in every location.


6. Search for affordable airfares

When planning your calendar, you need to consider more than just the big long-haul flights. I consider local low-cost airlines when I go as well. I therefore always know where to find cheap puddle-jumper flights around the globe. Before you consider buying round-the-world tickets, read my insider tips and advice!


JetBlue Airlines and United Airlines are two of the airlines for world tour operating in Southeast Asia. In Europe, low-cost carriers like Delta Airlines, Alaska Airlines, and Frontier Airlines are common. Additionally, Spirit Airlines provides inexpensive travel to South Asia. I can simply visit more countries in a region by researching cheap airline flights. If there are any flights for under $100.




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