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Wonder Edge – Five Compelling Artificial Grass Accessories

If you want to save money and maintain your lawn on a budget, then artificial grass is a great option. Artificial grass does not require cutting, mowing, or even hiring a gardener to take care of it. In addition, artificial grass does not require fertilizers, pesticides, or watering, which are all common expenses for maintaining natural grass. This means that artificial grass is a great choice for those who are concerned about the environment and want to live more sustainably. Check out our list of five compelling Artificial Grass Accessories.

Wonder Edge edging

Designed specifically for artificial grass installations, Wonder Edge edging is an above-grade perimeter frame create of post-consumer recycled material. The patented design allows for fast and clean cuts without the need for nails, stakes, or cement. The unique shape and 1″ height of Wonder Edge also helps prevent chipping and cracking. Here are five of its most compelling features. Choosing this edging system will save you time and money.

Artificial Grass Accessories

Wonder Edge is easy to install. The hollow center cavity allows for wire running and is suitable for landscaping as well as hardscapes. It can be applied with outdoor adhesive, and is ideal for use on both indoor and outdoor areas. Wonder Edge is also a green choice, create in the USA from recycled polyethylene. It’s not only affordable, but also highly durable. If you have pets, it’s a good idea to consider this synthetic grass edging option.

Benefits of Wonder Edge

Among the many synthetic grass edging products, Wonder Edge is a popular choice. Create of durable plastic, it is able to contour evenly and consistently. However, it is hard to place in straight lines. Alternatively, you can purchase a product like Wonder Edge, which doesn’t support the base of your artificial grass. The Wonder Edge edging system can be installed on both concrete and bare soil.

Artificial Grass Accessories

When it comes to artificial grass, edging is essential for a professional installation. Whether you’re fitting the grass very tightly against a wall or a border, you’ll need to install an edging that can protect the sub-base and increase the life of your artificial grass. Its lightweight and easy-to-handle design also make it an excellent choice. With its superior performance and affordability, Wonder Edge is a smart choice for your artificial grass installation.

While plastic and timber edging are cheap options for edging artificial grass, they lack structural strength. Plastic versions are susceptible to cracking and bending in colder weather. Furthermore, they wear out easily. If you want an edging system that is not going to be prone to rot, then timber may be a good choice. However, it will be difficult to install with concrete. Once you have installed the artificial grass, you will need to install a drainage pit.

Zeolite Max deodorizer

The zeolite fill that makes up the bulk of a synthetic lawn is an excellent deodorizer. Create from 100% natural resources, ZeoFill absorbs ammonia and urine before they become gaseous. This naturally occurring mineral is the purest of its kind. In addition to deodorizing a lawn, Zeolite also cools down the turf surface. The product is best applied to the turf once, in two locations.

Artificial Grass Accessories

The organic infill known as Zeolite Max is a great deodorizer for artificial grass. It works by absorbing bacteria from animal urine and preventing it from turning into gas. It also helps synthetic grass fibers stay cooler even under direct sunlight. The granules are 97 percent pure, which is an added bonus for anyone who loves to pet their lawn. When use correctly, the granules will eliminate pet odors and cool the turf.

Despite the name, this product does not cause any damage to the grass itself. In fact, they can improve the smell of your pet’s kennel. It is a non-toxic, environmentally friendly substance that is even safe for children. It is also classified as organic by OMRI. And the dust from ZeoFill does not harm people or animals. In fact, it can even be sold as an additive in animal feed, proving that it doesn’t pose any risk to humans or pets.

Artificial Grass Accessories

While many people think that ZeoFill(r) is for infill, this is not the case. It is best use on top of the turf, inside the fibers. Its cation exchange capacity and negative charge allow the product to work best in an infill setting. However, many non-infill installers use ZeoFill under the turf, but this is not recommended and voids the warranty.

Zeofill acrylic-coated infill

You may be wondering whether you need infill for your new synthetic lawn. This product is create up of a 12/20 blend mesh that is green in color. It comes in bags weighing 50 pounds. It will ensure that your grass is level and will protect it from UV rays. However, you don’t need infill if you’re installing your new lawn indoors. In addition, you can purchase Zeofill if you need infill for outdoor applications.

Artificial Grass Accessories

Artificial grass is create more durable by adding infill. It absorbs shock, provides stability and improves the installation’s resistance to fire. There are several types of infill, including sand turf, crumb rubber, shell tech and microban. Zeofill acrylic-coated infill is a great choice for high-traffic areas and is incredibly resistant to bacteria. It’s ideal for areas where pets tend to frequent, but it may not be durable enough for primary use. To prevent this issue, it’s recommended to use heavier infill as a base infill.


If you’re building a lawn with children or pets, you’ll want to choose infill that is safe for children and pets. Envirofill is a good choice for these areas because it has rounded edges. This infill also contains Microban technology, which prevents odor-causing bacteria. Envirofill is manufacture in Texas and is completely toxin-free.

Artificial Grass Accessories

This product reduces the surface temperature by 20 degrees and neutralizes ammonia gas, which can be very harmful to your health. Because it is create of 98% zeolite, it has zero health risks. In addition to being 100% natural, ZeoFill can be a great choice for synthetic turf. The product is also 100% odor-free, and will keep your artificial grass 20 degrees cooler than traditional turf.

If you’re worried about your children’s health, you can also choose eco-friendly alternatives, like Crumb rubber. It is an eco-friendly option that is free from toxins. However, it can get hot under direct sunlight, and is not a good option if you want to protect your children from heat. Sand is also inexpensive and widely available, but it can get very hot in the summer and sand is another great option for artificial turf. Sand is also considere safe, and has little to no maintenance.

Zeo-Organic fill

In addition to ensuring your turf is beautiful and long-lasting, you can also buy accessories that help you maintain its look. One of these accessories is ZeoFill, which is organically certified. Certified organic means experts have verified the product’s eco-friendliness. And, despite its name, ZeoFill is 100% permeable, meaning you can apply it only once. This product is also perfect for use in pets, since it helps to cool down the turf surface.

Artificial Grass Accessories

The organic-filled ZeoFill has a honey-comb-like molecular structure that absorbs urine like a sponge. This means that it prevents ammonia gas from being release into the ground, while the granules are naturally antibacterial. The fill is also cleanse by rainwater containing a sodium ion, which changes the magnetism of the granules.

This natural infill is 100% organic, and is certified by the Organic Resources Management Institute (ORMI). It cools the surface and eliminates odours. In fact, ZeoFill has been shown to absorb urine before it turns into gas and ammonia. Organic volcanic ash minerals are use as an infill for synthetic turf. The best part about ZeoFill is that it is non-toxic and requires only one application.

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