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Why Should you have Emergency Cash Set Aside?

Emergencies pop up time and time again. You may not have budgeted for those expenses. Thus, you will need an emergency corpus. Most of them stretched money but struggled to find a new job extended, and soon the emergency cash disappeared, leaving people strapped for cash.

On the one hand, you will keep tabs on your expenses to prevent overspending. On the other hand, you will stash away a fixed amount of money every month, so you do not need to rush to online lenders when you come across a financial emergency.

The pandemic has recently taught all of us a lesson that we cannot be so overconfident about our savings. Experts believe that you can easily manage to keep the wolf from the door if you have set aside money covering worth six months of living expenses.

However, the pandemic has demonstrated that it may not be enough. Many people were made redundant, and they did not have enough savings to get by. Saving money is an essential step you cannot ignore when it comes to budgeting.

Reasons Why Keeping Emergency Cash Holds Significance

Well, unexpected expenses are just one reason why you should salt away money for a rainy day. Many other reasons are out there why you should have an emergency cushion.

  • You have just started budgeting

If you have just started budgeting, you may leave out expenses that you should plan for. Budgeting is not a cinch. It takes time to understand how your money works. You will need a couple of months to understand your spending.

In the meanwhile, you may notice some of the expenses that you should include in budgeting. Having an emergency cushion will help you cover those expenses.

However, soon you will get an idea of recurring expenses, and then you can prepare your budget, keeping them in your mind, but it does not state that you do not need emergency cash. You will need it for additional expenses like car repair, presents for your friends during the festive season, and the like.

  • You are trying to pay off debt

If you have a lot of debt to pay off, you should have some money set aside for a rainy day. If any unexpected expenses pp up, your budget may not have room for paying them off, and as a result, you will end up rushing to online lenders to take out bad credit loans guaranteed approval no guarantor direct lender.

It means you are already under debt and now have borrowed additional funds. You are simply racking up debt, making it more difficult for you to settle your dues. By having an emergency cushion, you will easily manage debt payments despite unexpected expenses popping up.

Emergencies do not pop up every day, so it is likely that it keeps building. If you have sufficient funds, you can dip into them to contribute to debt payments. This will make the settlement of the debt faster and smoother.

  • You have got only one income source

It can be challenging to get by with one source of income. You will likely use up the whole income for monthly expenses. It is crucial to have an emergency corpus as you can quickly meet your unforeseen expenses.

If you do not have an emergency cushion, you will definitely have a problem meeting unforeseen expenses. It can be quite challenging to have scope in your budget for these expenses. You can still set aside money for emergencies if you do not earn much. It is unnecessary to put by 10 to 20% of your emergency cushion.

After analyzing your monthly expenses, you can quickly determine how much money to salt away every month. Even if it is just 5% f your monthly income, do stash it away. This will help you cover unforeseen expenses. Of course, you cannot expect that you will meet the entire cost from it, but do not worry. You can take out emergency payday loan bad credit direct lender.

At the time of taking out these loans, make sure your budget has scope for making payments. These loans must be repaid in a lump sum and often carry higher interest rates. It is suggested to do proper research before using these funds. This is because it can help you choose a lender offering these loans at competitive interest rates.

Well, in brief, it is crucial to have an emergency corpus whether you are single or married. Even if you have multiple income sources or your significant other is also earning, you cannot ignore the need to have an emergency cushion.

  • You have an unstable income source

Most people think they do not need to create an emergency cushion as they are self-employed. You will probably earn a lot more money than you would if you had a full-time job, but it is vital to remember that business income is not as stable as in a full-time job. This month you may have record-breaking sales, while in the next month, you do not get a fraction of it.

With a full-time job, you know how much money is coming in every month, so it is easy for you to make a budget, but that is not so easy for you while running a business. You can fight this problem by creating an emergency cushion. This will help you meet all unexpected expenses that you come across.

Since you do not have a stable income source, you will likely have a lot of money at this moment and no money at all at the other moment. You will not have to worry about meeting these expenses by having emergency cash.

Note that this suggestion does not just apply to the self-employed, contractors, part-time employees, freelancers, and so forth. However, it does not indicate that the money you set aside will be sufficient to meet your needs as you may need a lot of money.

It is likely that your emergency cushion does not support you. Then, you should seek to borrow money from an online lender. You will likely find a reputed lender if you have done the research. If your regular budget has some wiggle room, you can also use it to pay for unforeseen expenses.

Sometimes you manage to cover all of your monthly expenses in less than the set limit. Then, you can use your regular budget to pay for your unexpected expenses. This can prevent you from borrowing money.


Emergency cash is vital, so you do not have to rush to online lenders to borrow money when unexpected expenses crop up. The pandemic has taught you how important it is to have emergency money, and this does not need to be just a nominal amount.

It should rather be sufficient to cover unforeseen expenses. You should stick to your saving plan even if you cannot set aside a lot of money. It will grow over time. At the time of emergency, a little help will be enough to save you. Emergency loans are always out there, but you cannot ignore the need for emergency corpus.


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