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Why Law Students Need to Wake Up Early and How to Do It Successfully Every day 

Most people struggle with waking up and getting out of bed in the morning. But it’s not for the reasons you may think. Sometimes it’s the weather that’s got us down. Other times it’s because we sleep too late. But most of us are just way too lazy to push ourselves to be productive in the morning. At least, that’s how I feel about myself. But perhaps you feel differently about your wake-up struggles as a law student.

Nevertheless, you can’t deny that waking up early is important, especially if you want to make the most of the day or improve your work. Unfortunately, law students like yourself have it the worst of all. I’m sure you need to wake up, focus, and work hard every day to succeed. Moreover, you’ve probably got pending assignments, essays, and coursework to get through. But you just can’t bring yourself to push those covers off when your alarm rings. Maybe you didn’t sleep enough. Perhaps you had too much work on your hands. Well, it doesn’t matter. This problem is quite common, after all.

Fortunately, you shouldn’t worry if you don’t wake up on time. Our write my law essay services understand how tough it is. However, we’re here to help you be productive. That’s why we’re focusing on the importance of waking up early. And we’re going to teach you how you can do it every day with ease.

The Importance and Advantages of Waking Up Early

If you struggle to wake up every day, you probably associate mornings with snoozed alarms and an extremely rushed breakfast. This is all to prepare for your day or to begin work. But that’s not the case for many people who enjoy the early hours of the day.

These early risers don’t take on the stress of getting to work or rushing through breakfast. Instead, they spend their time in undisturbed peace, getting recharged for the day. However, some early risers even use these hours to stay ahead of their work. Take the famous Richard Branson, for instance. He begins his morning as early as 5 am! And according to him, it’s to help him stay prepared for what’s to come.

In the end, everyone has different reasons for waking up on time. But there are some key advantages that you should know as a law student:

Time for Yourself

When you wake up a little earlier, you naturally have more time to yourself. That’s just how it works. You may gain an hour or two after changing your sleep schedule. But that extra time can go a long way. For instance, you can focus on getting more done, like your homework or assignments. Or maybe you can just have fun with your hobbies. Whatever the case, waking up early will give you more time to yourself.

Sleep Quality

More time isn’t the only benefit of waking up early. It also helps improve our sleep quality. How? By eliminating the bad sleep schedule, you were on before. People require consistent sleep to function. This regular pattern helps improve everything from blood pressure to your mood. Thankfully, waking up early helps us regulate our circadian rhythm.

Stress and anxiety

People who wake up early also have better mental health when compared to those of us who stay up late. They’re more optimistic, conscientious, agreeable, and satisfied. They’re also less likely to develop any mental illness. And they even have less stress and anxiety. This might be worth remembering as a law student. After all, your coursework is very stressful.

Cognitive function

As a law student, you need to be performing your best. But did you know that waking up early can help you perform better? That’s right! People who wake up early also have better cognitive function than those who don’t. There are several studies that show people and students who wake up earlier do better. So, this option may be good if you’re looking for better grades.

Productivity and Organisation

Waking up earlier gives many the opportunity to plan ahead and set goals. This planning and organising of daily tasks lead to an increase in productivity and performance. It also helps you remember each thing you need to do. That way, you don’t miss or forget anything. Law students may want to try waking up early to ensure they plan out each task they must complete.

How to Wake Up Early Every Day

Understanding the benefits of waking up early is the easy part. But doing it every day is harder. So, how do you start waking up early?

Here are a few strategies by our criminal law essay help online team:

Use the Right Motivation

The first step to doing anything is finding the right motivation to get it done. That’s why we recommend using something as an incentive to help yourself wake up on time. It can be anything! For example, you can do it to ensure you have enough time for hobbies or simply just treat yourself to a better breakfast. That way, you’ll always have a good reason to wake up. Of course, you may still be groggy. Or you may even try to rationalise what you’re doing while convincing yourself to stay in bed. But the truth is waking up early will be a lot easier if you motivate yourself to do it.

Start with Small Changes

If you struggle to wake up early as a student, perhaps you can try a different approach! Don’t force yourself to jump out of bed at 5 am. That would put your body under unnecessary stress. Instead, try smaller steps over a few days to change your natural sleep schedule. For instance, you could wake up 15 or 20 minutes earlier for the first week. After that, you can see how your body naturally adjusts. Once you’re used to the small change, increase it to an hour. Do this until you’re slowly at your desired wake-up time.

Improve Your Sleep Schedule

Another great tactic you can use to wake up on time is improving your sleep schedule. We don’t mean force yourself up every morning. No! Instead, we recommend building a fixed schedule that allows you to get the necessary amount of rest each night. We all require a set duration of sleep. This can vary depending on your age. But our recommendation is to get between 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night. That way, you’ll always feel refreshed and restored in the mornings.

Change Your Environment

There are a few more things you can try. The first is changing your environment. Why? Because where you sleep affects how you sleep. For instance, if you’re sleeping with an old lumpy pillow, you’ll wake up with your body in pain. And then, you simply won’t be able to get out of bed. That’s why we recommend changing a few things about your environment to help improve how you sleep and when you wake up.

Here’s what you can try:

  • Avoid blue light
  • Sleep at the right temperature
  • Get a better pillow and covers
  • Ensure your mattress is comfortable

Change Your Diet

Finally, our last step may sound odd. But it is effective for improving when you wake up. We’re talking about your bedtime diet. What you eat before sleep can affect how and when you wake up or fall asleep. For instance, coffee has caffeine that keeps you up at night. Therefore, it’s a bad idea to consume a lot of it before you sleep. Instead, try foods that stimulate your mind and help you feel relaxed before bed. That way, you’ll get enough rest and wake up feeling better the next day.

Here are some foods to try:

  • Warm milk
  • Almonds
  • Kiwifruit
  • Chamomile tea
  • Barley grass powder
  • Walnuts
  • Tart cherries
  • Fatty fish


Good job! You’re now at the end of our blog! We hope you learned a few things about waking up on time and how it can benefit you as a student. Of course, you will find it hard to wake up at first. But with the proper time investment, focus, and dedication, you should have no trouble waking up earlier and improving your productivity. Just remember our guidelines and strategies above. They should help you create a clear path forward with a regular routine and sleep schedule. And if you need more assistance, just reach out to our team and hire law coursework writer support. We’ll help you get score better grades on pesky law papers. Then, you can focus completely on your morning.

Author Profile

James Wilson is a certified author and legal expert who works with our service to help students across the UK complete their work on time. His goal is to develop strategies and techniques that students can use to improve. However, he doesn’t just focus on writing. Instead, he also works as a student counsellor for academic support and personal growth. Students can find James Wilson through our service contact page. Speak with experts like him by contacting us.

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