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Why Is My Canon Printer Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi?

Canon printers are very easy to use. People prefer to use it because of its amazing features. You can print from anywhere with a network-connected printer without linking your device to it. Sometimes people get frustrated when their Canon printer Won’t connect to Wi-Fi. There are various reasons why a Canon printer won’t connect to wifi. We must know the different reasons so it will be easy to fix them.

Some of the main reasons are its corrupted drivers. There are also network problems or slow networks. The Canon printer is not able to connect to the wifi network. It also shows different printer error codes.

How to Fix a Canon Printer Not Connecting to Wi-Fi?

We must fix the connectivity issue of the Canon printer so that our work will run perfectly. We can use the built-in wifi button on the Canon printer to connect to a wireless network. You will also need to install the Canon printer app on your devices. It helps with quick setup. You can follow the below steps to rectify the issue that your Canon printer can’t connect to wifi.

Update Canon Printer Driver

Most of the time, Canon printers have the latest printer drivers. We must update them. The process of updating the driver is simple. You can go to the official website of Canon printers. Here you can enter the model or series of your printer. It shows available updates. Now you can download them to your system.

Inspect Printer Errors

There is a need to check that our Canon printer is not showing any errors. Many times, there is a possibility of different errors when a Canon printer won’t connect to Wi-Fi. There are various errors, such as error codes, and flashing lights. It is necessary to check that if there are any errors, there is a need to fix them.

When we see that there are printer error codes. There are many reasons, such as paper jams or ink running out, and so on. We can also take these steps.

Execute a power cycle
There is a need to turn off and unplug the printer.
It is also necessary to unplug our wireless router for a few seconds.
After this, there is a need to turn on the router.
When the router is fully powered, there is a need to reconnect the printer again.

Printer Connection Issues

It is necessary to check that we connect your Canon printer to your device. It is necessary to know whether the connection is active or not. If it shows a signal strength of less than 80%.There is a need to close the router to a printer. If the signal strength is greater than 80%, it is necessary to temporarily disable the firewall on your computer. Now is the time to check if that printer is responding. It is crucial to open printer ports for network communication. There is a need to connect to a network.

Try reconnecting the printer to the network if you see an inactive connection message. The printer displays the wrong SSID. It is imperative to reconnect the printer with its network.

This error occurs when there is a new setup of a router or we change its password. We can follow these steps:

It is time to reset the Canon printer.
You can press the power button of the printer so it turns off.
It is necessary to disconnect the data cable from the printer.
You can also unplug power cables.
Now leave the printer in an idle state.
Again, connect power cables to their wall outlets.
You can now press the button so that the printer turns on.
It is necessary to check it again so we can solve its problem.

Uninstall Canon printer

When we see that the Canon printer is not connecting to WiFi, it is necessary to uninstall it. The process of uninstalling a printer is simple. It is crucial to remember that when we delete something from our device. There is a need to reinstall them again. It also helps us to know the primary reason for its connectivity.

Connect Canon Printer to WIFI

When we try to solve the problem of Canon Printers Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi. It is necessary to reconnect the printer with wifi.

First, there is a need to download the Canon printer app on your device.
After that, it is time to install it.
You can press the wifi button on the printer and hold it till it ON starts flashing.
There is a need to open the wifi setting on your device.
You can connect to a Canon printer with wifi.
Now there are available printers.
Select them and tap on them.
After this, you attach a Canon printer with wifi.

Sum Up

Canon printers are simple to use. It is imperative to check its unique problems so that we can efficiently fix them. There is no need to panic when the Canon printer won’t connect to wifi  and Canon printer error code 6a80. It is necessary to fix them so that your work will not be affected.

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