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Why Hire A Landlord And tenant Lawyers!

At Property Solicitors we believe that everyone should have access to affordable good quality housing, be it as a landlord or tenant. Also we have a team of expert lawyers who know the importance of good quality housing and prevent homelessness wherever possible.

However, it is important as a residential landlord to consider the above issues and, where possible, with tenants to prevent problems from arising. Therefore, if problems arise, property lawyers perth can help resolve issues as quickly as possible and spend as effectively as possible. For instance, whatever the size of your property portfolio, all residential homeowners need some level of legal advice.

At Property Law Solicitors, we represent residential landlords and tenants alike. After that, we offer rental advice and assistance to customers.

About private and commercial landlord

No residential landlord wants to go through the frustration and cost of evicting a tenant. But sometimes it seems like the only way left is. As a landlord, you may want to repossess your property for a number of reasons. It could also be that the tenant is not paying their rent or is not keeping the property in good condition, also it could be that the tenancy agreement is coming to an end and you do not want to renew.

Therefore, private landlords often try to deal with cases to speed up the process or reduce costs. Unfortunately. This is a false economy because the penalties. However, consequences of failing to comply often far outweigh the initial savings that were made.

The myriad rules. And regulations facing landlords. In other words both private and commercial. Mean that an experienced landlord. And tenant lawyers is invaluable. However,when dealing with your property landlord. And Tenant Law Perth. Provide a cost effective following services for this –

  • Rental Property Eviction Notice
  • building contract
  • Landlord and Tenant Law
  • Easy Property Law
  • building commission
  • Asset disposal
  • Property leasing and management


The removal process can be complicated and specific procedures must be followed.

  1. The prescribed form of notice is used
  2. That the notice has been properly served
  3. The deposit is protected within the relevant period in one of the recognised schemes, and the prescribed information is given to the tenant
  4. Correct notification period is given based on the information used
  5. No section 21 notice is served within four months from the commencement of the tenancy
  6. Any Section 8 notice shall contain all necessary facts to support, on whatever grounds it is relied upon.

Therefore, if any of these requirements are not met, your claim may be dismissed by the court.


The growing popularity of buy-to-let mortgages over. Similarly, the past two decades has significantly increased the number of part-time landlords. However, who are unaware or unsure of the rules regulations also the effects of failing to comply with them.

Therefore, tenants may need assistance for a variety of reasons, from repairs to wrongful evictions.

Our Landlord. And Tenant Law Perth are able to assist tenants in dealing with problems arising in their rental situation. Therefore, in many cases can avoid court action or if proceedings have already been issued against the tenant. We Can also assist in representing predispositions in such court proceedings.

We represent tenants on a wide range of issues which include:

  1. Advising If Your Landlord Violates Your Tenancy Agreement
  2. If the landlord gives you a notice of intent to evict from the property and gives you a notice of eviction.
  3. Dispute on refund of deposit
  4. Challenging claims to recover disputed rent arrears and alleged repair costs
  5. Challenging possession/eviction proceedings
  6. demand compensation for damage
  7. enforcement of contracts in leases
  8. Service Fee Disputes/Recovery
  9. riotous actions
  10. Unlawful eviction or obstruction of use of property
  11. Allegations of breach of tenancy terms

If you would like to seek advice or legal assistance regarding your landlord and tenant matter, Property Lawyers Path WA provides an affordable and confidential consultation with experienced landlord and tenant lawyers at a fixed fee where we will take care of your queries. Also, we can answer and explain the procedures that apply.

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