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Why Do Startups Prefer React Native for Mobile App Development?

Why Do Startups Prefer React Native for Mobile App Development?

Startups have fewer resources, more exceptions, and lower budgets. Startups need cost-efficient, accessible solutions that get results without losing resources. 

React Native app development has seen tremendous growth among modern technologies due to its intuitive features and native functionalities. 

React Native (RN) streamlines development procedures, reduces development costs, and speeds up the app deployment time.  

This blog post will discuss why startups favor React Native for mobile app development.

Crucial Reasons Why Startups Should Choose React Native For Mobile App Development

One question that comes into business owners’ minds-Is React Native good for mobile app development. Well, a straightforward answer is yes! 

React Native For Mobile App Development From Business Viewpoint

1. Great User Experience

The user experience is critical when you want to release an app in the market. And for all mobile users, React Native offers the finest user experience.

Moreover, react-native presents various native-like UI components to develop apps that look native. The asynchronous JavaScript functions in a native environment enable development and responsive mobile user interfaces with fluid interactions. 

2. Shorter App Deployment Time

Any startup needs as minimum time as possible to release their product from the MVP phase to the customer’s hands. 

React Native, for both iOS and Android, uses more than 90% of the code. Moreover, React Native’s code reusability assists developers in creating apps more quickly.

3. Pre-Built Components

React Native features pre-built components, which accelerates the pace of app development. Some codes that need to be added to your app already exist, which would speed up development.

4. Development Flexibility

A React Native app developer needs to make one modification to the code when using React; if using native platforms, the developer would need to make modifications to Android and iOS.

5. Accessibility of Vast Talent Pool

You do not have to worry about obtaining the right skills for your project because React Native is a powerful cross-platform app development platform. 

React Native App Development From Technical Viewpoint

  • Hot Reloading Feature

Hot reloading facilitates you to make modifications to your app’s code while still running. Your app may automatically refresh, which significantly accelerates the app development process. 

  • Reusable Components

Reusable components are one of the significant functionality of React Native. It operates on iOS and Android; in every case, a single change is sufficient to update a specific component.

  • Support For Third-Party Integration

Several third-party plugins and frameworks are available, including NativeBase (which enables you to build native-like programs) and Galio (a library of UI components).

  • Single Codebase

The firm decided to add support for Android to its JavaScript library in response to the massive popularity of Facebook’s iOS apps. Similar frameworks deliver mobile user interfaces utilizing React Native, and Android and iOS use the same codebase. 

  • Provide Robust Performance

The framework enables rapid mobile app development, assisting startups in getting their app more quickly and efficiently. Comparing React Native to other cross-platform app development frameworks, it offers the best performance. The framework utilizes a single piece of code, lessening the likelihood of problems and facilitating testing. 

Final Wordings

The cross-platform framework would be advantageous for startups with a limited budget for app development and a wish to enter the market rapidly. Furthermore, React Native offers the perfect balance of rapid delivery, low prices, and superior software quality.

With the assistance of the best mobile app development agency, one may fully utilize the React Native framework and obtain the results they want from their feature-rich mobile app.

Author Bio

Helen Ruth has 10+ years of experience as a senior software developer in SparxIT. She often writes blogs and journals for a mobile app development company to share his expertise. 

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