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Why Do Brands Prefer Social Widget For Their Websites?

As a huge global audience invests extensively in digital platforms, an increasing number of businesses are turning to online mediums, such as websites and social media, to fuel their business growth in the digital age.

However, social media and websites are two distinct marketing platforms, with social media proving to be incredibly effective and valuable to organizations, while websites have experienced numerous obstacles in achieving results.

You may link social media with your website using social media feeds to increase the performance and returns of your website. This is an amazing way to utilize these channels and promote growth and success.

What Is A Social Media Widget? 

A social media widget is a display of content that you may integrate on your website that has been gathered from social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

To name a few, brand-related content, user-generated content, and content from experts and influencers are all types of social media content. Hashtag, handles, tags, mentions, keywords, pages, channels, and other methods are used to collect content from social media feeds.

Make your way to the end to understand why social media widgets are relevant and need to be leveraged by your business. 

A Few Reasons To Include Social Media Widget On Your Website 

  • Use user-generated content (UGC) to increase trust and credibility

Nowadays, it is critical for brands to work on establishing trust and credibility with their audiences, particularly through digital platforms such as websites.

You may use your social media feed to gather all of the relevant and quality user-generated content about your brand and present it on your website to demonstrate legitimacy, establish trust, and improve brand reliability.

You can show user reviews, brand advocacy (positive content they share about your brand/products), and user experience content.

  • Improve the vibrancy and design of your website

Apart from the aesthetic appeal, the content is the most important factor that makes it engaging and vibrant. The social media feed allows you to display visually beautiful social media content on your website. You can customize it to match your website’s or business’s theme and style aspects.

When you allow real-time updates to the feed. It will keep a steady stream of new and original content from social media platforms. As a result, all of these factors will assist you in making your website more visually appealing, bright, and presentable to users.

  • Effortlessly increase your user’s engagement 

When assessing a website’s usefulness and effectiveness, user engagement is the most important factor to examine, as the longer users stay on your website, the better.

You need intriguing, engaging, instructive, and dynamic content on your website to engage consumers. Your website and social media feed can help you obtain such information on your website and in a creative way.

Adding social media content to your website stimulates. It entices visitors to interact with the social feed and stay longer on your site. Especially if the content is graphic or User-Generated, which is more relevant and relatable to consumers.

This increased user interaction will also result in more time spent on your website. The longer stay time can assist you to lower your bounce rate and improving your search engine optimization strategy. Resulting in better search engine results.

In addition, a social media feed with compelling content and greater user participation can entice people to return to the website.

  • Enhance the user experience and increase conversions

A person’s trust and engagement in a website/brand are greatly influenced by their user experience nowadays.

As a result, when you add a social media feed to your website. Viewers may see the unique content from various social media in a single feed, which enhances their surfing experience.

Also, when consumers trust and believe in your website/business. They are more likely to engage with the website content, which boosts your conversion prospects.

Because trust and engagement are linked to conversions and sales. Visitors spend 90 percent more time on pages with UGC. Showing such content on product pages enhances conversions by 60 percent.

Final Thoughts 

If you use social media correctly, it can be a gold mine of opportunities for your business. Thus putting social media feeds on your website will greatly assist you in seizing these opportunities.

When you embed a social media widget on your website. It activates the social content, bringing the benefits listed above and many more to improve your website’s performance and ROI.

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