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Which two most-prominent SuiteCRM plugins are beneficial?

Earlier when using the SuiteCRM software, we found various unwanted sections that are of no use at all. We thought that it could halt our business productivity and create confusion. We got the rich plugin for our business activity. The name of that extension is Global Hide Manager. Are you facing a similar situation in your SuiteCRM? Undoubtedly, you can get the same modules twice or unwanted modules that you don’t need. It not only diverts your mind from work but also can create a bewildering situation in your work process. Our title shouts loud that we are going to share one of the most-prominent SuiteCRM plugins and that is SuiteCRM Global Hide Manager. 

How do its advanced features strengthen the plugin? 

Well, not only hiding the sections is the feature. One feature is not enough to describe the importance of this latest add-on. We have more such essential benefits to uncover. Have a look-

  • If you are an admin then you can hide the functionality of a particular role.
  • It is a question of most of our clients: “What they can hide when using Global Hide Manager”. Admin is allowed to hide buttons, fields, and sections. Isn’t it one of the SuiteCRM plugins that you are searching for? 
  • When you see that plugin is working properly and you are not finding any duplicate sections in the future. Huge chance for businesses to upsurge business productivity. Adapt the extension today.
  • Suppose you want those hide sections back in your work process then no fret because this plugin will help you. Admin has the ability to unhide those sections or fields again in your SuiteCRM software. Remarkable! 

We can say that SuiteCRM Global Hide Manager is wonderful for the Real-estate business, Marketing sector, IT industry, education CRM software, and also for Call center business. They can work in a better way now. Thanks to this SuiteCRM plugin share an incomparable experience. 

Which SuiteCRM plugin is next?

Promised you to present two SuiteCRM plugins. The first one was outstanding and now let’s dive a little deeper to know about the next and the name is SuiteCRM Faster Global Search. Every day, every minute you Search for something to open in your SuiteCRM. Allow us to take some effort from your side. 

We have a Faster Global Search plugin that reduces your efforts and provides ease in your work process. How? You get various options when you search for something, so it’s time to save your mostly opened search as “Best Match” or “Exact Match”. It’s easy to set the search preference to minus tons of time. 

Some of its key functions to enrich your experience

Surprisingly, the add-on called Faster Global Search is more. It’s not only just to save the searches. And to know in-depth, have a look at the points given below-

  • Users are allowed to perform searches based on the selected module. The special feature is that the modules can easily get configured. 
  • If you want the extension to monitor your search history then this can be possible. SuiteCRM Faster Global Search can track with no hurdle. 
  • Users can move the Search Bar location. Place the Search Bar location anywhere in your CRM. 


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