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Where Can We Consult a Doctor Online In Dubai?

Virtual consultation is a practical yet essential part of healthcare transformation and treatment. For the better health of everyone, it is one step toward a virtual-first approach to healthcare. Online doctor consultation Dubai in healthcare have become more common than ever. Thanks to changes in teleconsultation during the pandemic, patients have become familiar with online consultation.

Although consultations on call had been there for a long time before the pandemic. It has become the preferred method for the first point of contact between patients and providers—the difference: is technology that makes the connection better, faster, and more accessible.

Why should you get teleconsultation in Dubai?

Online consultation through an online platform is an effortless way to access medical healthcare in the comfort of home, hotel, and office. However, some consultations require a physical examination, and many do not. In addition, both the physicians and patients can get the advantages provided by online doctor consultation and care, such as:

  • No transportation time or costs
  • Options for care on-demand
  • Access to more specialists
  • Less exposure to illness
  • No time spent in a waiting room
  • Better control of chronic illnesses
  • Access to more mental health resources
  • Greater comfort for patients in a familiar (home) environment
  • The ability of the provider to view the patient’s home environment for a more well-rounded assessment

Your doctor can provide you with the navigation tools that help to increase patient engagement with the doctor and improve health. Moreover, with the move toward electronic health records, patients quickly have better access to their health results.  Furthermore, transparency in pricing for online consultation and on-demand access to their personal health information allows patients to access quality treatment and consultation with follow-ups. 

Benefits of Teleconsultation in Dubai

Teleconsultation is more than just a videoconference or call.

  • On-time healthcare delivery
  • Patient-centric and problem-oriented.
  • Digital technology to enhance healthcare
  • Smooth transitions of care
  • Easy diagnosis
  • Cost-effective
  • Reliable and comfortable
  • No location boundaries
  • 24/7 doctor-on-call consultation

During a virtual consultation, your physician connects to you using a secure teleconferencing channel designed for healthcare use—moreover, it is a two-way patient/physician conversation. If the doctor wants to take the previous prescription or look at the patient, they can assist the patient on how to show their documents and change the web camera position.

If the physician needs an outside opinion during the consultation, robust virtual care platforms can facilitate an easy connection with a third party. The benefits of virtual consultations are only the beginning of a much broader virtual care trend that will continue to be an essential healthcare resource for promoting patient health outcomes.

Contact Call Doctor for better healthcare in your comfort because they improve patient health with care by advancing personalized yet scalable virtual healthcare.

How to book an appointment for an online doctor consultation?

When it comes down to what happens in a consultation, a virtual consultation is not vastly different from an in-person consultation. Booking an appointment for virtual consultation is always accessible and convenient if you live in Dubai and want the best online consultation or if you travel abroad and still want to get a professional consultation from a reliable physician. Contact Call Doctor 800 200 400. Their online consultation is famous in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) UAE, and worldwide. Just call or drop a message to their staff.

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