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What the Pros Use: What’s In a Professional Dermaplaning Tool Kit

Any guesses on what else helps people achieve a desirable, dewy glow? A radiant-looking complexion often starts with dermaplaning treatments. Dermaplaning is an easy form of manual exfoliation. It also removes dead skin cells and peach fuzz. You get the immediate satisfaction of brighter, smoother-looking skin. To get the best and safest results, you need to leave this treatment to the professionals. There’s an art to it, and proper technique is super important. Curious about the process? Here’s an overview of it and what’s in an esthetician’s professional dermaplaning tool kit.

Basic Professional Dermaplaning Tool Kit

Every esthetician needs a basic professional dermaplaning tool kit. This will be instrumental in performing the service on a client. The kit often includes a blade handle, blades, and facial products. A #10R surgical blade is the most popular blade shape for this treatment. It’s often called a “butter blade.” Its round shape makes it ideal for covering large and small areas of the face with ease. The #10R blade also provides consistent coverage for the user. This blade size fits a No. 3 handle. There are other blade and handle sizes available. That said, this pairing is one of the most common for this service.

A professional tool kit should also contain the necessary skincare products. A creamy cleanser, peel prep solution, lip serum, and protective cream are a few products that may come in a tool kit. The kit should also contain a dermaplaning protocol. This should cover how to use and dispose of the products. Every professional needs an excellent starter kit for their business!

Understanding the Dermaplaning Process

Before beginning a dermaplaning service, there are steps to prepare the skin. A gentle cleanser will help remove makeup and other surface impurities. A peel prep solution will help loosen and exfoliate dead skin cells. This allows for a more effective skim with the blade. Once the skin is dry, an esthetician will gently scrape the skin’s surface. They’ll go in the opposite direction of hair growth. This is a precise treatment. It requires experience and skill to perform.

Dermaplaning doesn’t pull hair out by the root. It removes the surface layer of peach fuzz and dead skin cells. After the treatment, an esthetician will apply a protective moisturizer. Your skin should look smooth and glowing when the treatment is over. One of the great things about this treatment is that it isn’t invasive and doesn’t need downtime.

Dermaplaning Training Online or In-Person for Professionals

Proper training on standardized procedures and protocols is essential. Dermaplaning requires an esthetician’s license and dermaplaning certification. Licensed professionals can get their certification through expert online instruction. But hands-on training at a college of advanced aesthetics is another option. No one should perform this treatment without adequate, hands-on instruction. Proper process and technique are key. Look for courses covering skin analysis, pre- and post-care instructions. It should also include hands-on techniques, market trends, dermaplaning theory, and application methods.

Dermaplaning is a great way to give your skin a refresh. It’s also a treatment that’s great for any skin type. Dermaplaning is effective for promoting natural collagen and elastin production. This treatment also improves the absorption of skincare products. Dermaplaning is beneficial for improving the look of dull skin too. Most people enjoy regular dermaplaning treatments.

About Institut’ DERMed®

Institut’ DERMed® is passionate about skincare. They help people achieve their healthiest, most beautiful complexions. It starts with founder and master aesthetician Lyn Ross. Institut’ DERMed provides a personalized skincare experience. Ross herself curates clinical-grade skincare products. Retail and professional products are available online from Institut’ DERMed. You may also find them worldwide at luxury spas and professional skincare clinics. Institut’ DERMed can help you with a full range of treatments. You can visit the Institut’ DERMed Spa in Atlanta, Georgia, to receive the services of your choice. Professionals can also take courses from Ross either online or in person. Choose Institut’ DERMed for premium-quality products. Retail products include their Enhancing Glycolic Body Wash. They also offer professional skin care services.

Learn more about dermaplaning tools and classes for professionals at https://www.idermed.com/

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I've been writing about skincare for four years now, but have been interested and invested in it for much longer. There are literally thousands of skincare brands to choose from when addressing things like dry skin, acne, eye bags, and so much more. I’ve worked with a ton of these companies and while there isn’t one I recommend more than another, I hope the information I provide can you help you pick the perfect one for your skincare needs. Thanks for checking out my blog!

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