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What should you know about Industrial Gear Oil Maintenance?


Industrial gearboxes are discovered in a multitude of locations across a massive range of industries. What these all possess in common is a requirement to work dependably under a huge range of different conditions. 

You know what, industrial gearboxes mostly need to be able to manage heavy loads at high temperatures. They should continue to work effectively, even if there is pollution from dirt, process waste or even that of water. In case the gears are not rightly guarded they are going to wear more quickly, oil is going to need changing more frequently and in the worst instances , pricy machinery is going to need to be shut down. The point is whether you choose synthetic gear oil or any other one; you must be sure that it is good quality and as per the needs of your machinery.

Just because gear oil has not always been topping of mind it nowhere means it must not be at the top of the maintenance of your equipment priority list. For the ones not as familiar with gear lubricants, here is a quick look into proper gear maintenance.

What does gear oil protect?

Gear oil is specifically designed to guard the important components, encompassing the gears as well as bearings in the drive axles and differences, transmissions, industrial gear boxes and even that of power take-off units. Gear oil mostly has a higher level of viscosity for easier distribution and even that of protection through the whole gear set.

Picking the right gear oil

Always make sure that you use the OEM-specified product or that of a product of equal quality. It may be alluring to cut costs by making use of an off-brand or that of even lower-quality product. However, since the change interval is longer, it is even more crucial to make use of a quality lubricant to make sure top equipment performance. You know what, premium type of gear oils encompasses anti-wear additives to enhance the durability. As well as dispersants to lessen up the sludge and carbon varnish formations.

Clear Signs of poor gear oil maintenance

Much like traditional type of engine oil, gear oil that has been extensively used for too long is going to be dark from oxidation and debris. Relying on how long it’s been since the last time change, the gear oil may also have an enhanced , thick viscosity.

In case not changed regularly, the gear oil is going to break down. Permitting friction and grinding of gear components, resulting in needless wear and costly repairs. Of course, if you want that your machine works well and stays effective, make sure that you pay attention to the oil. Changing it regularly will make sure that you are maintain everything that should be kept in mind.


To sum up, make sure that you pay attention to the industrial gear oil you choose and ensure that you maintain your machine well. After all, you can always ensure that your machine works well if you give proper attention to the overall maintenance of the oil.


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