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What Makes Bridgerton Our Favorite Period Drama

Bridgerton is without a doubt one of the best period dramas we have come across, and it is one of the increasingly popular girlie Netflix TV shows. After the first and second seasons, people have been eagerly waiting for the third season. While the excitement has settled down a little, one thing is for sure and that is that Bridgerton is our favorite period drama. 

The plot of the show revolves around London’s Regency era at the beginning of the nineteenth century. Daphne Bridgerton’s quest for a husband in high society serves as the central theme of the first season. Anthony Bridgerton’s search for a bride is the subject of the second season. Well, the third season of the show will premiere soon. 

Bridgerton differs from other period dramas in several ways, including the unorthodox topics, people, and social relationships that it explores as well as its focus on love, duplicity, and controversy. These are some of the reasons that make it our favorite show. 

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Eloise Bridgerton

Let’s face it, half of us watched Bridgerton for Eloise, and her character is what sets it apart from a typical period romance drama. If someone were to ask us, we would say without a doubt that she is one of the most intriguing characters. 

Besides everything else, the character of Eloise is what makes Bridgerton seasons one and two worthwhile viewings. We adore Eloise Bridgerton for all that she is: a feminist with a college degree, a bold defender of what she thinks is right, and a sardonic champion who enjoys deviating from the norm. With the exception of the first season, in which she pursued Lady Wistledown for the queen, she avoided all suitors at all costs in the second season since she had always felt that there was much more to life. 

Apart from that, another quality of Eloise that we adore is the way in which she helps Lady Wistledown recognize that she needs to accomplish more than petty scandals and gossip. Despite the uniqueness of Lady Whistledown’s narrative style, her paper’s topics need to be changed.

Penelope Featherigton

Spoiler alert – do not read this if you haven’t watched the first season. We advise you to watch all seasons before you read this. Well, as we discussed, in order to watch this show you should get one of CenturyLink internet plans to enjoy lag-free streaming. 

Penelope Featherigton is another figure who deceived us with her acting prowess and persona. Her portrayal has been outstanding, and we were all taken aback by how she was exposed towards the end of the first season. Everyone initially thought that Eloise might be the person behind Lady Whistledown, but when her true identity was disclosed, we were shown to be mistaken and made fools of. In season two, though, we saw more of Penelope struggling to make ends meet while attempting to keep her little secret a secret and still maintaining her scandalous writing style.

Besides, Penelope is one of the most cunningly ironic characters on the show. With the way she carries herself, no one is able to judge her as someone as empowered as Lady Wistledown. We also see some of her boss’s behavior when she makes a deal with Madame Delacroix to help her with her business. The strategic thought coming from Penelope blew us away. 

It Encourages Inclusivity

When it comes to the inclusion we observe in Bridgerton, there has been a lot of criticism, yet it merits praise. From the Duke of Hastings to Lady Danbury and the Queen, we next see Kate Sharma and Edwina Sharma in the second season. While there was a lot of racism in Regency-era London and African Americans were hardly ever visible in the hierarchy, the author seemed to wish to shift that narrative, and we applaud that. 

In addition, there are a number of unusual main characters, including Penelope Featherington and Benedict Bridgerton who wouldn’t have been included in the regency era if they were real. However, in the fictional Regency era, we see Penelope and Benedict as some of the most unorthodox and empowered characters. 

It Has Much More Than Romance 

The person generating all the trouble is the author Lady Whistledown. She publishes a daily publication that contains all the rumors and scandals. Every man and woman in town, even the queen, eagerly awaits the publication of Lady Wistledown’s morning paper because they are fascinated by what she has to say about individuals, especially the couple and the diamond of the season.

The Narrative Style 

The Lady Whistledown character in the television show has Julie Andrews as her voice. The tone and style of Lady Wistledown’s narration, in addition to the gossip and shared scandals, greatly influence the overall mood of the series. Julie Andrews’s excellent narration and endearing voice are something you are missing out on if you haven’t watched the episode.

Unorthodox Male Characters

The unorthodox characters in this TV show are not just limited to the female characters. Simon served as the primary illustration throughout the first season. Simon continued to wear his armor to keep his emotions hidden, but Daphne eventually forced him to confront his history and his demons. Simon explains that mental health issues have existed for a long time and that the best approach to address them is not by depriving oneself of the happiness they deserve. 

Benedict Bridgerton is another eccentric and unique character in addition to Simon. Like the middle child of a noble family, Benedict is carefree and doesn’t seem to be interested in anything, but when he makes a friend, he learns his passion for painting, and it changes him forever.

The Art Direction and the Costumes

The art direction, location, costumes, and haircuts of Bridgerton add to its appeal. Each character has a unique outlook, and their clothes, headgear, hairstyles, and jewelry are exquisite representations of not just their time period but also their personality. In terms of both the men’s and women’s outfits, it is a visual marvel. Additionally, everything is carefully thought out and beautiful, including the set designs and the artwork.

Final Thoughts 

Well, all of these factors combine to make Bridgerton a really compelling television show. Many are anticipating the release of the upcoming season due to the current excitement. There are still siblings in the Bridgerton family who may be seen looking for their ideal suitors in the upcoming two seasons because there is still much more to come. Let’s wait and see if they can discover a love match as ideal as their older siblings because we are just as clueless as you, for sure.

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