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What is the Different SAS Certification?

When we talk about data analysis, business intelligence, and statistics, one word always comes to mind; SAS, or Statistical Analysis System. This software package receives continuous updates to its statistical techniques, components, and tools. Several statisticians, data scientists, and other technologists are using this tool. As a result, to become proficient in this field, it is necessary to undergo SAS Online Training. Such training aims to provide in-depth knowledge of the software and help the candidates with their career goals.

Statistical Analysis System (SAS): Overview

SAS or Statistical Analysis System is a software system used for writing reports and data inspection. It is a collection of programs that operate together to reclaim and reserve data values, assess difficulties, reform data, perform single exponential analyses, and create reports. It comprises certain features, which are as follows:

  1. Simplify the procedure to access raw data files and data from an external database. With Statistical Analysis System, you can read and write almost any type of data format.
  2. Also, manage data using data entry, editing, retrieval, formatting, and conversion tools.
  3. Data should be verified utilizing descriptive, statistical, multivariate, forecasting, modeling, and linear programming approaches.
  4. Moreover, advanced analytics may assist you in making modifications and enhancements to your company procedures.
  5. Report creation with flawless graphs
  6. Project management and operations research
  7. Helps in updating and modifying data.
  8. It has excellent data cleansing functions.
  9. Interact with a variety of host systems

Need for SAS Certification

In the current scenario, Business Intelligence and Analytics are an integral element of all firms globally, whether small or large. Thus, SAS certification will be an asset to your resume. However, the need for SAS and Analytics profession appears to be increasing daily. Not just that, but there is a significant rise in SAS employment prospects in the global market for everyone. In addition, it will help you improve your abilities and offer you a competitive advantage. It will also increase your credibility inside your organization as a professional who has a dedication to personal growth. Having a SAS certification, you will enjoy several benefits like:

  1. SAS Certified professionals have high marketability and have a competitive edge over others.
  2. Moreover, employers have faith in Statistical Analysis System Certified experts since the certification validates your understanding of SAS software.
  3. Also, Statistical Analysis System Certified individuals are highly skilled, which allows them to pursue more lucrative career options.

SAS Certification

SAS Certification provides several advantages to people involved in large data research. There are several Statistical Analysis System certifications available to help you get started. These certification courses are available in an offline, online, or hybrid format. The following are some of the main Statistical Analysis System certifications:

  • SAS Foundation Tools Certifications

This foundation certification focuses on analysts, data managers, and programmers who work on writing and managing Statistical Analysis System programs. Further, they comprise base programming, advanced programming, and clinical trials programmer certification. However, the Clinical Trials Programmer certification is for programmers who create clinical trial reports.

  • SAS Advanced Analytics Certifications

This advanced certification course is for technical analysts, data scientists, and statisticians who gather, evaluate, and modify big data using Statistical Analysis System tools, run reports, and make business recommendations based on complex models.

  • SAS Business Intelligence & Analytics Certifications

The Business Intelligence and Analytics certifications are for content developers and analysts who regularly use SAS Visual Analytics or design interfaces and reports for SAS 9.

  • SAS Data Management Certifications

Analysts, programmers, and data managers lean toward Data Management degrees if their workdays or career goals focus more on managing data and platforms instead of complex statistics, analysis, and modeling.

  • SAS Administration Certifications

There is just one certification in the Statistical Analysis System Administration category. It is for those professionals who are in charge of supporting the Statistical Analysis System Business Analytics platform, from installation to maintenance. However, the professional in this position must be able to set up folders, manage user accounts, monitor system performance, employ security procedures, conduct backups, and execute other administrative tasks.


 Finally, having a certification involves multiple benefits for individuals and organizations. So, it doesn’t matter if you are a novice or a professional, having a Statistical Analysis System certification will help you grow in this respective field. As a result, it is necessary to have SAS Training in Gurgaon. So, it the time for you to get certified and start working as a professional.

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