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what is psychology?



At a scientific level, the definition of psychology describes it as a science that is responsible for investigating the mind of the human being and, consequently, his behavior. So that they can be explained in detail as it is the functioning of that cognitive area of ​​the brain. The origin of the mental phenomena that can occur in the human being genetically or for reasons beyond their control. And elaborating a series of elements or laws that can regulate them. Psychology needs other sciences in order to understand the human mentality.


what is psychology?

As mentioned before, it is a special science that aims to study, understand and analyze the cognitive area of ​​the brain, that is, the mind. It also intervenes in human behavior, so it becomes quite a complex study. It should be noted that there are different phenomena that can alter a person’s mental stability. Which is why on many occasions the intervention of other sciences such as biology, anthropology and even genetics is necessary to help psychology understand the genesis of the problem.


The etymology of this term stems from the word psyche. Whose meaning is spirit/soul and logos, which means treatise or study. Both conjugated words refer to the study of the soul and the spirit. However, over time the scientific community was conducting different investigations. And came to the conclusion that the term could not simply study. Something that is not accepted by many. which goes beyond something ethereal like the spirit and that should be taken as a science, so asking the question about what this term is and what it is about, encompasses more than expected. There are different methods in psychology that will help in coping with problems.

History of Psychology:

Its origin dates back to 1879 when this science was taken as a totally different branch of philosophy. Creation of the first German experimental. Psychology laboratory under the command of Wilhelm Wundt, who is considered to date as the father of psychology.

Taking all this into account, the fact that this science has a long past and history must be considered. Therefore, for this science to be born, it was necessary to consider a set of special conditions. Philosophers such as Augustine of Hippo, Plato, Aristotle, René Descartes, Thomas Aquinas, David Hume, and Immanuel Kant are just some of the experts who asked various questions and generated psychological answers that today are part of human learning and affect mental wellbeing, in fact, each one of them appears in the different psychology books that exist today.

Although this science covers various topics, many scientists preferred to focus on issues related to subjectivity and knowledge. Furthermore, this environment is particularly marked by the birth of modern science, which had caused large amounts of scientific discoveries with technological applications, having to do with this young science. According to Bertrand Russell, modern science began by studying. The most distant to the closest aspects of life, that is, from the physical bodies of the earth and the living beings that inhabit it to human behavior



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