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The argumentative essay, a type of writing, requires that the student investigate a topic; gather, generate, and analyze evidence; and, finally, to present a position on the subject in a succinct manner. Before starting to write, find argumentative research paper topics and choose more appropriate.

The two genres are very similar. However, the argumentative is more detailed in its pre-writing (invention), and requires more research. The argumentative essay is often assigned as a capstone assignment in first year writing, advanced composition courses, or as a final project. It requires detailed research and extensive pre-writing. Expository essays require fewer research and are shorter in duration. Expository essays may be used to help with writing assignments or tests, such the GED/GRE.


It is perhaps helpful to think of essays as a discussion or debate with a friend. There would be three parts to a conversation if I wanted to talk about the causes of World War II as well as its current impact on those who have lived through this turbulent time. In fact I think it would be a mistake to close the argument right at the end of my second point. This would raise questions about the effects of the conflict on the lives of those who lived through it. The argumentative essay should be clear, logical, and not leave any doubts about its argument or intent.


The five paragraph approach to argumentative writing is common. The five-paragraph approach isn’t the only way to create such essays. If you think it sounds simple, it is. There is an introduction, a body paragraph, three evidence paragraphs (which may include discussion about opposing views), and finally, a conclusion.


Complex issues and detailed research require elaborate and detailed essays. Argumentative essays involving empirical research or multiple research sources will typically exceed five paragraphs. Before the essay’s conclusion, authors might need to discuss background information, credible sources and differing opinions. Assignments will often determine these factors.

How to write a compelling argumentative essay

A great introduction in an argumentative essay functions as a good opening sentence in a trial. The writer must, just like a lawyer or a journalist, present the issue and give background. Finally, they must make the main argument in a logical, intellectual, and persuasive manner.

Begin with a Hook

Your introduction should begin with a sentence that grabs the reader’s attention about the topic. A quote, personal story, surprising statistic, or interesting question can all be used to start an introduction. This is a great way to grab the attention of your reader while also introducing the topic.

Include background

The background of the argumentative research paper topic can help readers better understand the topic. This history and context can make it easier to explain and support your argument. You can, for example, argue against the existence of a military draft in the United States. Your introduction may include information about the history and circumstances that led to the abolishment.

Be clear about your thesis

The thesis is what makes an argumentative essay. The thesis is the essence of an argumentative essay. It should be a single sentence that summarizes your point. The thesis statement should be able to state a position about a particular issue, one that the reader could possibly argue against. A thesis cannot be a fact. You can, for example, state the following thesis statement if you are asked by a professor to discuss the general topic of warfare: “The United Nations should be redesigned since it is not currently capable of preventing conflicts.” The rest of the essay will support your thesis by supporting it with evidence and explanations.

What to Leave Out

Good introductions should not contain analysis or descriptions of arguments that aren’t necessary for the body paragraphs. Your introduction should be a way to introduce your argument and not provide supporting evidence. You should not announce your argument in the introduction.


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