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What happened to the missing woman Elizabeth Jasso, 9 months pregnant?

For more than a week, the mystery of the disappearance of Elizabeth Jasso baffled investigators and amazed the public. The widow of 31 years disappeared on the 5th of August, shortly after visiting her mother-in-law’s house at Baytown, Texas. At the time, Jasso claimed to be expecting at 40 weeks and due to be inseminated within hours.

When the Texas woman mysteriously disappeared out of the blue, rumours were circulating that her pregnancy could be fake initially. After a lengthy six-day hunt, Jasso has reportedly been discovered alive and well; however, she’s likely to be in trouble with her close family and friends.

Jasso has been missing since the time of Blanca Gonzalez, the mother of her late husband, Milko

Jasso was at her mother-in-law’s house in the area where she lived at the time of her death on a Thursday morning. she left to visit her husband’s grave. Whether she reached the tomb would become the subject of a tangled mystery.

Based on Gonzalez, Jasso appeared fine when she left the house and seemed to be excited about the due date for her birth. However, when Gonzalez could not contact her daughter-in-law, who was expecting, She began to worry the most awful.

After Gonzalez submitted a missing person report, a massive search was initiated

On Friday, the family began to plead to ensure Jasso’s safety.

“We’re worried,” her father said to ABC 13. “Very worried about her, and her safety and her babies.”

“Let us know you’re OK,” her mother begged. “I know in my heart you are OK. We are all praying for you, OK?”

“I had talked to her Wednesday night saying, ‘Little Mija, I can’t wait until tomorrow,'” Gonzalez said. Gonzalez. “‘You better not have them, babies, until I get home.'”

However, in the hours that came, everything they were aware of about Jasso would be questioned

Based on Baytown officers, the husband, Milko, 29, was killed and shot in February in a heated argument in a heated dispute with an acquaintance. Jasso was devastated with grief over the passing of her beloved husband. However, she was reportedly delighted to discover she was pregnant with the child he had conceived just before the death of Milko.

When Jasso revealed to family and friends that she was not just expecting twins but also expecting twins, They were astonished. However, they were genuinely thrilled for her.

They didn’t realize they were part of an unsettling fantasy that quickly unravelled when Jasso disappeared

“To me, it was like a novella. In a Lifetime movie,” Victoria Cruz-Ramirez, Jasso’s cousin-in law after discovering more about Jasso’s many secrets.

Over the weekend, many friends realized that she had not just faked her pregnancy announcement but also showed fake ultrasounds that were reportedly purchased online to continue the fake.

“The sister and the father said, ‘You know she wasn’t pregnant,'” Cruz-Ramirez said to ABC 13 on Wednesday. “They figured that she was faking the pregnancy. She couldn’t even have kids.”

In just a few days, The story of the mysterious disappearance of Jasso has been the talk of the town

The circumstances surrounding her sudden disappearance and its bizarre events sparked an unsettling public fascination. Over the past six days, hundreds of reports, social media posts, and fan pages were created on the case, trying to unravel every aspect. (One particular Facebook fan page, Elizabeth Jasso Missing Theories and Discussion, has already accumulated over 30.5K followers discussing theories about the case.)

On Twitter, many investigators who were merely a hobby claimed to have done their research on the case and could not get enough of it.

Some people discovered the entire thing awe-inspiring but challenging to put aside the research.

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Then, in the early hours of Wednesday, Baytown Police confirmed that Jasso was found

In fact, the woman was reportedly in contact with detectives around one p.m. the previous Tuesday, and they questioned her on her location in the days preceding and when she went missing.

Although the details aren’t precise, Authorities confirm that Jasso is in good health and is not injured. No crime or foul play was committed, ABC 13 reports, so no charges will be filed against the woman.

They also confirmed an unanswered question raised by Jasso’s disappearance – whether or not she was pregnant.

The answer (as family and friends suspected) is not.

It’s unclear what Jasso’s perspective on the story is or what she was doing during the time she was absent

One thing is for sure she has plenty to answer back home.

“I am completely at a loss of words with what I have discovered,” Blanco Gonzalez wrote on Facebook last week after discovering she was “deceived” by her daughter-in-law.

“So Liz,” she continued, “if you are seeing this, please thank us for lifting our hopes to rise … I’d like to ask you to go home and provide the answers.”

The family’s fate and whether or not it will ever get the answers is yet to be determined; however, knowing that Jasso was found healthy and alive is an encouraging aspect of this heartbreaking tale.

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