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What Do You Know Before Designing a Beautiful Product Packaging?

Product packaging design involves many aspects, such as color, appearance, size, shape, box or bag, and custom presentation boxes for products, materials, etc. Before making these decisions, it’s important to do your research beforehand. You need to understand key factors that have a significant impact on packaging design.

Who is your target audience?

When selling any product in the market, you must be aware about your target audience and its expectations and plan your packaging accordingly. For example, many men don’t naturally reach for things that come in shiny pink bottles.

The association you want to evoke. When people see your brand, what do you want them to imagine? Keep your audience in mind. Natural, rustic is great for organic skincare products that emphasize natural ingredients, but not necessarily if you want to promote your product as clinically proven.

Here, it is a must to help customers visualize brand image. Do you already have a website, brand, and logo? It’s important to choose packaging that doesn’t conflict with your brand, fits well with what you’re already using, and supports your brand.

What is the current market trend? For that, you need to observe what your competitors have been introducing in the market. It’s good to know the obvious to look for items that stand out. However, status quo can also be an option. Moreover, you also need to estimate what your customers are expecting from you.

Product packaging types

Product packaging like cigarette packaging can be divided into three main types, depending on the type of product sold and how it gets into the hands of consumers. Let us explore them!

Product packaging

The product itself needs to be packaged. It instantly protects what you’re selling. Think purple shampoo bottles, candy wrappers, jewelry boxes you sell, and more. Product packaging may also include labels and stickers placed on these products. Straightforward product packaging might be the focus, so you should start here. What encourages the customers first when they plan to buy? Function and aesthetics are equally important here.

Package Design.

It may be a one-time fee to hire someone to design the box outside and inside. At this stage, it’s important to be clear about the color scheme, image, and overall aesthetic you’re going after. It’s important to be clear about what the product is so people don’t turn their heads when they see it on the shelf. Remember to include everything you need on the packaging, including lot numbers and safety information.

External product packaging

How should you ship your product to your customers? Envelopes, boxes, or other things? Or do you hand out shelf boxes and sell your gifts to boutiques or small local retailers? The appearance of a product refers to the box or packaging of the product and is particularly important for shipping. It usually includes shipping boxes, envelopes, and branded labels. It helps make a stronger impression on customers after seeing the package in the mail.

Choose the correct container type for your product.

Before making any other decisions, determine the product packaging you need. There are several options for product packaging, including.

  • box
  • bottle
  • bottle
  • glass bottle
  • sandwich envelope
  • wrapping paper
  • cardboard box
  • cardboard tube

Remember to choose items that meet all of the following criteria

  • Looks good
  • If there is an industry standard that meets user expectations
  • Is it functional
  • transport well

Packaging should be upfront.

If your product requires an outer box, you may also need an inner box for your product. It includes anything inside the outer box or envelope, not the product itself. It includes shredded paper, peanuts, letterboxes of everything, instructions, brochures, and more.

The focus here should be practicality. How do you transport glass lotion bottles, so they don’t shatter? For example, you can wrap them in a cloth or paper bag and stick scraps of paper over them for protection. Putting all these elements together creates a unified package that makes your brand look polished and professional. It also helps you control how the product is received and the overall customer experience.

Six Things to Include in the Box

There are six things to consider whenever designing a product’s packaging. these are:

  1. The title of the product. What is the name of this product? It should appear on the packaging.
  2. Text describing the product. It can be a simple tagline or a small section on a label that tells you exactly what it does.
  3. Instructions for use and care. For example, you might sell clothes that can only be washed by hand or camping equipment that is only suitable for certain weather conditions. State this directly on the product.
  4. Picture. It may include a brand logo or any special features the designer has on the product itself.
  5. You need to provide the necessary information, such as safety labels, nutritional information, and barcodes. In some industries and regions, you may find this information mandatory, depending on the sold product. Recheck the information on the rigid box packaging.
  6. The required information like lot number: Even if the number has changed, there should still be room for that information somewhere on the packaging.


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