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What Causes a Burn and a Dry Hit? Best disposable vapes

Vapes are used around for world for plenty of reasons. Some people vape because they like to showcase ghost clouds and O rings.

Vapes are used around for world for plenty of reasons. Some people vape because they like to showcase ghost clouds and O rings. Most of the people turn to vapes or best disposable vapes because they want to quit cigarettes, while others like to inhale flavourful E-liquid vapour. No matter what the reason is, vape never turns anyone down.

However, there is a point in vaping that can undermine all your positive vaping experience. It’s the burn and dry hit. It is one of the worst experiences a vaper or smoker can have. This article will highlight why you’re getting burnt and dry hit and how to prevent it.

Understanding Burn And Dry Hit:

Burn or dry hit can be defined as the obnoxious feeling you get after inhaling a burnt vape puff. You inhale burnt cotton-like substance (wick) into your lungs instead of flavour E-liquid vapour. There are several reasons why it happens—below; you’ll find four reasons your vapes and disposable vapes like lost mary vape gives burn and dry hits.

4 Reasons Why Your Vape Is Giving Burn And Dry Hits:

Following are the reasons why you’re experiencing burn and dry hits, along with guidelines on how to prevent it from happening. Dive in to find out!

1.  Coil Is Not Saturated:

The primary reason for burn and dry hits is an unsaturated coil. It can happen due to a lot of reasons. Most importantly, keep a check on the E-liquid quantity. There are chances that your vape tank is about to finish, and there’s not enough e juice left for the wick to soak in and vapourise.

Keep a check on your e-juice quantity and change it timely. Because if not, the lower amount of e-juice can destroy your vape device and give you burn and dry hits.

2.  Chain Vaping:

Most people opt for chain vaping, especially switchers. They are habitual of taking continuous puffs of cigarettes, so they do with vaping. However, vaping is a little bit similar to cigarettes in this category. Cigarettes burn tobacco and vaping heats up the E-liquid present in the tank. The vape coil needs to get saturated first, producing an efficient amount of vapour. If any vaper chooses to chain vape, it might not allow the coil to saturate and make burn and dry hits.

3.  Outdated Vaping Device:

One of the reasons why your vape or disposable vape like Elf bar vape is giving burn and dry hits can be the outdatedness of your vape device. Ask yourself how much time I’ve had this vape? Is the vape performance affected? If your find yourself nodding for yes, it’s time to change your vape device. Because an old coil or atomiser can prevent you from having great vaping experiences.

Search for new vape devices in the market, such as vape pens or vape Mod systems. These devices can customise vape settings according to your likes and dislikes. Moreover, changing your vape device can be a chance to try new vape flavours and styles. So don’t miss out on the opportunity!

4.  Higher VG Content:

Four things incorporate together in an E-liquid. Nicotine, VG, PG, and flavour. The VG content gives vapour its opacity and richness because it has a higher viscosity. On the other hand, the PG content provides a more substantial throat hit full of flavour.

If your E juice has higher VG content, it can make your device work harder and a little slower. The slow maturation process can initiate burn and dry hits. If you want to avoid it, choose a 50/50 ratio of VG and PG, or take slow puffs to give the coil the time needed for saturation.

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