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What Are The 5 Data Types In Python?


You will understand Python Data Types and their many uses during this essay, all while we efficiently write Python programs. You will gain knowledge on a wide range of topics, including what they are, their syntax, and examples of how to apply them in programs. Python is a programming language that does not require any introduction. It is mighty, adaptable, quick, and simple to understand all at the same time.

Python is one of the programming languages that is seeing phenomenal expansion and increasing awareness every year.

Python’s Various Types of Data

Python supports a wide variety of data types in its many libraries. The following is a list of built-in data types in Python:

  • Numeric data types: int, float, complex
  • String data types: str
  • Sequence types: list, tuple, range
  • Types of binary data include bytes, byte arrays, and memory views
  • Mapping data type: dict
  • Type Boolean: bool (Boolean)
  • Set data types: set, frozenset

1. The Numeric Data Type in Python

The numeric data type in Python is used to store numerical values like the following:

  • int – stores signed integers of non-limited length.
  • Long- holds long integers (exists in Python 2.x, deprecated in Python 3.x).
  • Float stores numbers with floating precision, providing accuracy to 15 decimal places.
  • Complicated—represent complex numbers.

In contrast to C and C++, it is not necessary to define a data type when defining a variable in Python. We can assign values to a variable. But if we want to know what kind of numerical value it is currently storing, we may check its type using type ().

2. The String Data Type in Python

The string is made up of a series of character sequences. Python can read and write Unicode characters.

3. The List Data Type in Python

Python is the only programming language with this flexible and powerful data type. It is comparable to the array used in C and C++ in specific ways. The fact that the Python list can store many sorts of data simultaneously makes it a fascinating language component.

4. Python’s Umbrella

A tuple is another form of data that may be thought of as a series of data, much like a list. However, it cannot be changed. That indicates that the data in a tuple is protected from being written over.

5. The Python Reference Manual

It is pretty much like the kind of hash table. It is incredibly beneficial to get data from a vast amount of data efficiently.

The discussion on Python’s data types has concluded for the day. Also, don’t just copy-paste. You should give your best effort to write the lines of code independently.

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