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Weped SST Electric Scooter For Sale

The skin virtually peels from your body while riding the hyperscooter Weped SST. It should take less than 12 seconds to reach 80 mph and 6 to 8 seconds to reach 60 mph.

The SST will entirely drain the battery’s charge when operated at maximum throttle; if the throttle is held open for any amount of time, expect ranges to drop below 20 miles. A 3240wh battery powers a 72v scooter with the name SST, which has a tremendous amount of power.

It features swift acceleration and stopping power; WEPED’s proprietary brakes are used on the SS and SST in place of the standard NUTT brakes used in the weped sst.

Performance Overview

When it comes to acceleration and max speed, the Weped SST is a real beast. The Weped SST employs active motor control to improve controlled acceleration from a standing start.

The SST will regulate the amount of power provided to each tyre, much like the FF, so that torque is delivered in a gradual ascending curve before becoming powerful. Riders can begin moving pretty soon with active motor control (AMC), but not so rapidly that the Wheels are spun by motors, but traction is lost too quickly.

Wiped SST passengers will experience a powerful takeoff and a surprising surge of power. Driving makes controlling aggressive acceleration much simpler than beginning from a standstill.

The SST desperately needed the wider tyre profile because the SS, GT, and FF variants had issues with their tyres (shipped).

  • Expect that other electric scooters on the track or the road to oblivion will be faster when smoking in terms of performance.
  • Destroy the tyres, a typical feature of most high-powered wepeds, allows you to go at top speeds that are usually only feasible with specially tuned scooters.
  • If you choose to disregard it, go through the controllers.

Peak Acceleration And Speed

The top speed of the Weped SST is 130 km/h (80 mph). As of right now, a rider weighing 70 kg set our record for the fastest speed on STRAVA (GPS) at 77.9 mph. As of right now, a rider weighing 70 kg set our record for the fastest speed on STRAVA (GPS) at 77.9 mph.

Let’s face it, who wants to ride a scooter with tiny wheels at 80+ mph When traveling at 80 mph on rough terrain, the SST will swing, especially if it doesn’t have a damper at first (no, we’re not joking).

There is a noticeable difference between it and the FF, even if the data don’t seem to show that it has much of an acceleration advantage. This gap makes even entering this region exceedingly difficult to improve acceleration.

The SST must make up for this since it weighs more than 60 kg and has wider wheels (this gives the FF the advantage in respect of the power-to-weight ratio).

  • Larger wheels and active motor control will limit acceleration even though the SST appears to have much more power than the scooters above.
  • It was difficult to gain acceleration on the SST since it simply tried to spin the tyres continuously.
  • Running the SST on warm tarmac would improve performance (allowing for maximum grip and minimum spin).
  • We examined the SST acceleration on ordinary, albeit exceptionally smooth, road surfaces.

Battery Power

The Wiped SST has a massive 72v 45a Samsung SDI 21700 50E Cell battery. Comparable in size to the Dualtron X2, the overall battery capacity of 3240wh. The SST can run nonstop thanks to this substantial battery. A range of up to 60 miles may be squeezed out of the SST with appropriate maneuvering, which is VERY GOOD.

But most riders can often count on a range of roughly 40 miles. Driving defensively as opposed to aggressively will have a considerable effect on the SST. This is primarily due to the HIGH DRAIN nature of the controllers and motors, which means that even small increases in throttle would result in a reduction in range.

The Weped SST uses Samsung SDI 21700 cells, which offer a greater capacity and discharge than 18650 cells. Similar to the vast majority of scooters with 72-volt systems, the battery is turned off at 60 volts and reaches full charge at 84 volts.

After the initial few charge cycles, we observed that the battery’s performance greatly improved. We doubt that Weped could have crammed much more onto the deck given that the battery’s WH capacity is a perfect match for this specific scooter type.

Model of the Motor

The Weped SST motors are simply incredible, but unlike the bulk of the performance line-up from Weped Korea, there is no switchable single- or dual-motor mode. This is understandable given that the Weped’s controllers primarily use active motor control (to distribute power to each motor independently to help control pull-off and acceleration).

Despite the SST being MORE THAN capable of running with one motor. Weped has kept it simple by removing practically all of the buttons. Considering that the SST is designed for high-performance racing, it wouldn’t make sense for this scooter to only have one motor.

When both motors are running continuously, the power distribution between them alternates between +100% and -0%.

Construction And Build Quality

When a car that can go 80 mph is under your feet. It’s critical that the vehicle looks and feels solid. This is true of the Weped SST. The SST uses one solid pair of front forks, and each side is elegantly mounted with three brackets. The front brake caliper is hung down at the front of the fork.

The fork and handlebars are not suspended from one another because of the solid fork structure of the SST. Weped made it a point to keep the SST firmly grounded. Suspension is a bad idea since it allows traction to be lost. The scooter’s deck is joined to the main stem. Joint by an adjustable spring suspension in the form of a pivot.

This allows for a small amount of marginal movement without sacrificing handling. Because the suspension is not in direct touch with the wheel or handlebars/stem, maximum control is possible. The deck and neck will balance one another. As a result of the current suspension system. If the front wheel runs over a divot, pothole, or another bump in the road.


The SST utilizes the Dam Ping 4 link mechanism, which was created by Weped. Even though the front and rear suspensions exist, neither one offers much damping when driving on uneven terrain. However, the ride quality is still swift and rough overall.

which is beneficial for track work but not so much for long endurance runs outdoors on paved surfaces. The tires’ large, wide profile helps to balance out the ride on some uneven asphalt surfaces.

The design of the front suspension allows for shock absorption without allowing for excessive wheel travel. Despite the fact that the suspension pivots above the deck and uses a coil spring with adjustable damping. We didn’t notice a noticeable difference while riding.

The goal of a racing scooter is to keep the wheels on the ground. As much as possible to maximize traction. The SST is made to stop the wheels from “skipping,” which might have led to traction loss and transmission of that loss to the suspension points.

Ride Quality

The SST has a good ride quality on smooth asphalt, but not so much on regular UK roads. However, a bumpy ride might be caused by uneven or damaged pavement. Due to the scooter’s tyre profile and the larger distribution of scooters on the road. There is less road imperfection absorption (as the tyres glide over smaller holes).

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