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Viator Tours and Activities App Review

About Viator

Viator is a service provided by Tripadvisor that allows users to book tours, activities, skip the line tickets, and other travel experiences. Viator has detailed descriptions of each experience, as well as a Retina display on iPads. Most of the reviews on Viator are positive, although some have some negative remarks. You should read reviews on Viator before deciding whether or not to book a tour. Moreover, the website provides a number of customer reviews, allowing you to compare the pros and cons of the various experiences.

Viator is a Tripadvisor Company

If you’re interested in purchasing a tour or activity, Viator is the place to do so. The website offers a long list of tours that cover every topic under the sun. You can sort them by style, price range, duration, time of day, or even deals and discounts. If you’re looking for a more personalized experience, you can also filter your results by what the company offers for the same price.

Before you book a tour or experience, make sure you know the refund policy. Most Viator tours don’t offer refunds until a day or two before the experience. Some tours are less flexible and never allow a refund unless you cancel. You can find out more about a tour’s cancellation policy by reading reviews posted by other travelers. While Viator is not a travel agency, it is an excellent choice if you’re planning to travel.

It Offers Tours & Activities

Viator is an online travel agency offering more than 10,000 tour and activity options in more than 800 destinations across 150 countries. Viator is a one-stop-shop for trip planning, allowing travelers to view and book everything from tours to skip-the-line tickets. With millions of reviews, suggested itineraries and handpicked local operators, Viator is the go-to resource for any traveler. And because its prices are guaranteed to be below the industry standard, users don’t have to worry about overspending on tickets.

Viator has excellent customer service, including 24/7 assistance. Customers can purchase tickets in 8 different currencies and enjoy free activity options. Most activities include a cancellation policy, though the deadline will vary based on the type of activity. Expedia is also very easy to use. It offers a money-back guarantee and 24 hour customer support. Most of their activities are refundable for any reason.

It has a Retina Display on IPads

Viator Tours and Activities App takes advantage of the iPad’s Retina display to bring you crisp high-resolution images and videos. With over 10,000 travel activities in 800 destinations and 330,000 reviews by travelers, Viator has something for everyone. The app also features information on 4,000 attractions around the world, so you can find something that suits your taste and budget. This innovative new app has a wide range of features that will make it easy for you to plan your next vacation.

Apple has trademarked Retina for its display technology. It gives users crisper images and smoother transitions. Retina displays have a high pixel density of about 300 pixels per square inch. However, some displays have lower pixel density because they are held further away from the eyes. Despite their low pixel density, iPads can achieve a Retina display effect with fewer pixels.

It has Detailed Descriptions

Unlike the traditional tour book, Viator tours include extensive descriptions. You can easily pick the tour that best fits your preferences. You can also filter the tours by price, style, duration, and time of day. In addition, you can browse through the tours that feature discounts and deals. Viator tours are designed with your needs in mind, making them the perfect choice for your next vacation. So you can enjoy your next trip to a new city with a little more confidence.

To list your tour on Viator, create a free account. Upload a brief description of the tour, including images, if applicable. These images help potential customers find your tour. Next, you need to convert the prices from your local currency to USD. For your tour to be visible in the marketplace, you should provide booking ahead for a year or more, and set the cutoff time close to the tour’s start date. Otherwise, you risk losing last-minute bookings.

It has Non-Standard Cancellation Policies

When booking a tour through Viator, make sure you read the cancellation policies carefully. Some of these tours have non-standard cancellation policies. If you have to cancel your reservation, check whether they offer a 24-hour or seven-day cancellation policy. Viator sells tour packages that allow for last-minute cancellations, so it’s important to understand what their cancellation policy is before booking your trip. You can also view their cancellation policies on their website.


The most common Viator cancellation policy is a 100% refund. Some tour operators may offer other cancellation policies, but they must have insurance to advertise. Moreover, Viator requires tour operators to list their prices at the lowest possible price. These policies can cause problems for customers because they often end up with more cancellations and last-minute changes. To avoid this problem, tour operators should look for a tour company with a 100% refund policy. read more


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