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Understand the Top 4 Health Benefits Of Consuming Green Tea

For several years, drinking green tea on a daily basis has been considered as one good healthy habit to stay energetic and in better senses. No matter, whether you lay hands on Twinings Green Tea or any other brand of product, what’s important is consuming the detoxifying hot drink.

It’s a healthy tea that is just mixed up with hot water and consumed extensively by many people. Green Twinings tea and other brands of tea comes from dried leaves and are easy to make by just mixing them with hot water. Full of antioxidants, green tea best keeps your body in hydrated mode and feels fresh from the inside. Apart from that there are several other health benefits you should know about such kind of natural and caffeine-free tea.

  1. Maintain your healthy heart for a long: 

    There is a rising number of heart diseases all across the world and especially across the UAE region. And the main cause behind enhanced heart-related disease is due to having bad cholesterol levels increased in the body and increased stress levels. To curb the issue, doctors recommend everyone regularly drink sugar-free green tea to lower the bad cholesterol in their body and reduce the risk of heart disease.

  2. Keeps your brain in active mode: 

    It is a matter of great relevance on the part of people to keep their brains in active mode and stay energetic at all times. To do the same, one beneficial way is drinking the required green tea which ultimately benefits the neurological system. Green tea features epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) that helps protect the cells from oxidative stress. That means such stress levels can lead to Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s and other diseases. Therefore, it is beneficial on your part to drink naturally extracted green tea daily.

  3. Maintain your blood sugar levels: 

    There is a rising number of diabetic people cases all across the world and especially in the UAE. Even young people are facing this disease during their normal going lifestyle. Therefore, most physicians recommend cutting down the sugar level and do include green tea in their daily diet pattern. It is due to green tea lowering the blood sugar level inside the body and further improving faster sugar levels along with lowering the amount of hemoglobin A1C inside the human body.

  4. Promote your healthy weight: 

    Several advertisements claim that drinking regular green tea helps in reducing body weight to an optimum extent. Well, that’s not completely true. Regular drinking of green tea can help in reducing your chances of drinking sugar-filled caffeine drinks. As a result of which you cut down the sugar level and keep your body in energetic mode to lose weight faster.


Adding green tea to your regular diet pattern is completely beneficial for your heart, brain, weight, and overall well-being. Lay hands on Twinings or any other brand of green tea to make your habits healthy and energetic. And online is the best place to buy a particular brand of green tea and that too in the required quantity.

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