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Types of Phone Case Printing

Zapvi is the most helpful modified portable cover printing on the web store at which it is not difficult to plan custom phone cover  with the greatest photograph printing type. Buy modified versatile covers on the web; that is the latest pattern from India. Tweaked versatile back cover printing on the web at zapvi.in meets the desire of claiming photograph compact cover in alleviation. 

Water Transfer/Hydrographic Printing on Phone Cases

Known as water printing or hydrographic printing (as well as hydro plunging, hydro imaging, liquid imaging), this is a 3D embellishing process. Your producer can print complex examples, for example, carbon fiber, wood grain, and cover onto your phone cases.

Before the water printing starts, your phone cover pre-treat with a suitable groundwork and base covering. Your maker will cautiously put a polyvinyl liquor hydrographic film (which has your ideal example on), over the water’s surface in the plunging tank. This film is water solvent and will break down after an activator arrangement is applied.

Your phone cases are then dunked into the tank where the surface pressure will permit the example to bend around any shape. The example can move onto your phone cases through compound parts. The activator relaxes the pre-treated layer, permitting the ink to frame a bond with it. The ideal component is the way that propensity versatile cover printing on the web can be found at a reasonable selling cost of just RS 99 involving the most noteworthy printing type in Zapvi .

Your phone cover  taken out, wash, and hung to dry.

At long last, your phone cases will be treated with an unmistakable topcoat. This will further develop the cover’s solidness, making it impervious to UV and safeguarding it against scratches and everyday mileage.

What Cases Can be utilized with this Printing Method

The hydrographic printing interaction can be utilized for a wide assortment of phone cases, including, plastic, wood, fiberglass, and metal. Assuming your phone cases can dunk in water, it tends to be imprint on utilizing this cycle.


  • Very really great for printing complex examples
  • Can cover bended and adjusted surfaces
  • Impervious to harm from openness to UV lighting
  • Climate safe
  • Appropriate for plastic, metal, and wooden phone cases
  • Matte or reflexive completion
  • Can be exceptionally practical


  • Shine completes have been know to effortlessly chip and scratch
  • Can’t utilise this on gel/TPU cases since they’ll twist
  • You will not get a similar degree of strength as IMD or sublimation cases

IMD/IML Printing on Phone Cases

In-form plan (IMD) or in-shape naming (IML) is a cycle where your phone cases are beautified or marked during the infusion forming cycle. At the point when your phone cases make (through infusion shaping), your hand craft or logo is embed out of the shadows plastic infusion and held set up by means of vacuum ports, electrostatic charge, or different strategies picked by your maker. At the point when the interaction is your custom phone case is make with the plan for all time append.

This interaction offers plan adaptability, as well as efficiency benefits over conventional post-shaping enhancing methods. Also your plan or logo is long-lasting, this implies it’s difficult to eliminate and will stay energetic or life – giving your eventual outcome more noteworthy strength. Taking out the post-shape brightening interaction can go with this a more savvy decision.

Picking IMD or IML implies you’ll get greater adaptability with your plan as this cycle is accessible in a large number of varieties, impacts, surfaces, and designs. It’s even ready to imitate the most difficult, which seems to be treat steel, wood grains, and carbon fiber.

What Cases Can be utilize with this Printing Method

Imprinting onto your cases while they’re form means you’re ready to print on a scope of various styles of phone cases; regardless of whether they have complex plans like ‘wallet style’ cases.

The materials for the most part utilized for this interaction are hard plastic, or adaptable TPU cases.


  • Extensive variety of varieties, impacts, surfaces, and realistic choices
  • Enduring tough designs that stay lively forever
  • Kills post-forming improvement, this can accelerate creation
  • Steady quality
  • Insignificant material waste
  • Savvy for bigger amounts (by and large more than 250 phone cases)


  • Can’t print little amounts (ordinarily under 250 phone cases for every plan/style)
  • Creation time can be longer (contingent upon orders in the line)

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