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Types of Parker Hydraulic Hoses

Parker hydraulic hoses come in a variety of materials. For instance, SAE 100 R3 textile reinforced hoses are one popular choice. GlobalCore hoses are another option. There are also Tough Cover and Push-Lok hoses. Each type offers a unique set of benefits.

Parker’s GlobalCore hoses

The GlobalCore hose is made to meet the ISO 18752 standard and features a bend radius that’s half the size of a conventional hose. This makes routing and installation easier. The hose also features a premium abrasion-resistant cover that is no-skive. GlobalCore hoses also offer longer intervals between replacements, meaning less downtime.

SAE 100 R3 textile reinforced hydraulic hose

Textile reinforced hydraulic hose is one of the most versatile hose types available. Its construction makes it suitable for a wide variety of applications and can withstand high temperatures. In addition, it is anti-corrosive and high-pressure capable. Another option is the SAE 100R15 hydraulic hose, which is another type of heavy-duty, multiple spiral ply hose. Its maximum working pressure is 420 bars and it comes in a variety of sizes.

When choosing a hose, look for a manufacturer that has products that meet and exceed SAE minimum performance requirements. It is also a good idea to look for a hose that is ISO certified. Parker Hose Products Division makes a full line of hydraulic hoses. This reduces the number of bend tube fittings required and also allows for a lower inventory level.

This hose is suitable for delivering petroleum-based and water-based hydraulic fluids. It is most often used in low-pressure applications, but it can also be used in pneumatic applications. Its construction consists of three separate parts. The reinforcement consists of two braided textile layers and is surrounded by a synthetic rubber cover. This combination of features makes it flexible and lightweight.

When you have to choose hydraulic hoses, consider the working pressure and dash size. These two specifications are not mutually exclusive, and all manufacturers agree on the dash size. Knowing the dash size in inches is important if you are to use a vernier caliper. The dash size is a standard for all hoses, but it also gives you a human-readable measurement of the working pressure. Typically, a hose is rated for around 150 PSI or 250 BAR.

The SS135 Wildcatter Dry Cement Material Handling Hose from Parker Hannifin is a great choice for low-pressure bulk transfer applications. Its thick rubber tube is anti-corrosion and resists cuts and gouging. The crimp-couplings on this hose make it ideal for use with abrasive media.

Tough Cover hose

A great option for high-pressure applications is the Parker Tough Cover hydraulic hose. This hose is an integral part of the Parker Global Core line of hydraulic hoses. The hose is available in five different working pressure ratings, ranging from 1,000 psi to 6,000 psi. These hoses are suited for petroleum-based hydraulic fluids and lubricating oils.

The Tough Cover hydraulic hose from Parker has a proprietary synthetic rubber inner tube. The synthetic rubber in this hose provides high abrasion resistance, which is important in hydraulic applications. In addition to its abrasion resistance, the hose is flexible and offers a low coefficient of friction. It is also available in high-pressure and ultra-high-pressure versions.

The Parker Store offers hydraulic hoses at all of their branch locations. These hoses come with six-wire braids and are available in various inside diameters up to two inches. They are in great working condition and do not leak. Parker also provides certified technicians to replace any hydraulic hose.

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Push-Lok hose

The Push-Lok hose is available in five color options and is ideal for a variety of applications. Its field-attachable fittings allow for easy field repairs. The synthetic rubber tube is flexible and resistant to oil and kinks.

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