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Types of Commercial Furniture

Furniture is a movable object used for support and storage. It holds objects at a convenient height for human work. Commercial Furniture can be made of a variety of materials. Depending on your preferences, you can choose from Makr, Hardwoods, or Resistant woods. These materials are durable and can last for years.

Makr’s Commercial Furniture

Makr’s commercial furniture is the perfect choice for commercial environments. Its lightweight, seamless construction, solid surface material, and patented Futrus technology allow it to be used in both interior and exterior settings.  Makr’s commercial furniture in Spokane comes in a variety of colors, including gold and silver. The process involves heating the Corian to a controlled temperature and then applying it to a mold.


There are many different types of hardwoods that can be used to build furniture for a commercial setting. Maple wood, for example, is one of the hardest woods for commercial use and is popular among designers for use in heavier, bulkier pieces. Maple is also one of the most affordable hardwoods, making it a good choice for commercial projects.

To identify which type of wood to use, start by looking at the grain. Some woods have large cells, creating an uneven texture, while others have small, close-grained grains. Open-grained wood can look rough, and may require filler to make it smooth. However, close-grained wood does not have this problem.

Hardwoods come from a variety of plants, including flowering trees. However, not all hardwoods are suitable for commercial furniture suppliers in Spokane, and it is important to note that some of them are not floatable. Hardwoods are also ideal for building decks and other structures, as they are sturdy and durable.

While there are several types of wood, hardwoods are the most durable. This is because hardwood trees grow slower than softwoods, and they have a higher density. This makes hardwood furniture able to take a lot of abuse and still look good year after year. Popular hardwoods for furniture include oak, maple, cherry, and hickory. If you’re looking for a quality piece of hardwood furniture, consider buying an Amish-made piece. These handmade pieces are durable and look beautiful.

Hardwoods are more expensive than softwoods. Also, softwoods are lighter than hardwoods and are easier to work with. The disadvantages of softwoods include poor fire resistance, higher sap content, and higher cost.

The type of wood to use for commercial furniture depends on the intended use. Using the right type of wood can increase the satisfaction of the client, which can ultimately result in higher sales. In addition, they also help determine the right price for the unit. It is important to note that hardwoods do not rot easily, so you should keep that in mind when selecting your materials.

Some hardwoods are not ideal for commercial settings. For example, teakwood is very expensive and difficult to find, but it’s a great option for outdoor construction. If you decide to choose teakwood for your commercial furniture, make sure to keep it well-kept.

Resistant woods

The best wood for commercial furniture is one that will endure a heavy workload. Larch is a good example, as it is a dense wood that is also hardwearing. This wood also has good stain and scratch resistance. It is best to seal it prior to finishing. Aside from this, the wood is also resistant to rot and insects.

Another good wood for commercial furniture is beech. This deciduous tree is native to temperate regions, and its hardwood is highly resistant to shock and abrasion. Beechwood also steam bends easily, making it a great choice for many applications. However, beechwood is not dishwasher-safe, and its texture is relatively fine.

Depending on the environment where the commercial furniture will be placed, there are many options available. Oak is a popular choice because it is easy to work with and has an elegant figure. White oak is also resistant to moisture, which makes it a good choice for outdoor furniture. However, it is not the best choice for humid climates and coastal areas.

Teakwood is another wood that is resistant to both moisture and rot. It is a classic wood for outdoor furniture, but it is very expensive and hard to find. It is also very heavy and straight, making it ideal for outdoor furniture. This type of wood is also resistant to high heat, so it is not prone to fires.

Wood rot is caused by sunlight and moisture, which can open up the wood to fungi and insects. Rot-resistant wood is particularly important if the wood will come into contact with the ground, as this will expose it to more moisture and mold. This can lead to expanding and splitting. Also, the presence of plants and vines will also speed up the rotting process.

Softwood is another option for commercial furniture. It is a less expensive option than hardwood. Softwood is a cheaper alternative that comes from evergreen seed-bearing trees. Unlike hardwood, it does not have vessels, making it easy to absorb adhesives. In addition, softwood is much easier to cut.

Redwood is another wood option that is resistant to rot and decay. It is also high in tannin, making it an excellent choice for outdoor projects. Also, it is relatively inexpensive and easy to work with. It is a good choice for outdoor furniture and decking. Additionally, redwood has natural insect repellent properties.

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