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Types of Boho Cover Ups

Thank Goodness for the Swimsuit Cover-ups!

Where would women be without swimsuit cover-ups? The beach can be intimidating, and few relish the opportunity to strip down and flash some flesh. Even the most confident beach-goers have some problem areas they’d instead not show to the world, and a busy beach can send many reaching for the towel.

Of course, at least sometimes there are sound health-related reasons to stay covered up. With skin cancer now one of the biggest killers, the sun-worshipping era is ending, and more and more beach-goers realize the importance of covering up.

Thankfully, help is at hand. There’s now an extensive range of swimsuit cover-ups available to protect your skin and modesty. Here are a few different options:


Sarongs have been gracing beaches for many years and are possibly the most popular type of cover-up. There are good reasons for that popularity: the hips, belly, and thighs tend to be the areas of the body many are sensitive about, and a brightly colored sarong tied around the waist covers up all of those areas in one shot, as well as giving the wearer a more graceful silhouette.

Sarongs come in every color imaginable, so you can either make a statement with a bold pattern or match the color of your swimsuit for a more classic look.


While sarongs have been the classic swimsuit cover-up for many years, tunics are fast becoming the most fashionable. Seen on stars like Nicole Ritchie, Paris Hilton, and Lindsay Lohan, the tunic is a long, loose top that hits at mid-thigh level and is usually made of a lightweight fabric such as cheesecloth or cotton.

Tunics tend to have long sleeves, so they help cover up flabby arms and problem areas around the hips and midriff. Worn as a sexy summer dress, though, these cover-ups are anything but dull and are a vital part of the ethnic look that goes in and out of style at least every few fashion seasons. Wear one with a straw cowboy hat and oversized sunglasses for a hot look.

Even better, tunics don’t just look good at the beach. Just pull on a pair of shorts over your bikini bottoms, and you’re ready to shop, eat or go dancing!

Sun Dresses

The sundress is the perfect way to look good at the beach while remaining covered up for those who prefer to dress it up a little. Sundresses can be strapless, short, ankle-length, or any other way you want to wear them; the critical point is that they’re excellent, fresh, and easy to pull on and off over your bikini.

There’s a great selection of sundresses here, but you’ll find lower-priced dresses in any swimwear or clothes store. Juicy Couture’s terry tube dress has become a summer beachwear essential. It’s the perfect shape and material for the beach, and it also rolls up quickly, so you can carry it in your beach bag. You’ll find cheaper copies in department stores and online.

Where to Buy Swimsuit Cover-ups

  • Any good swimwear retailer will stock swimsuit cover-ups. You’ll also find plenty of choices in standard boutiques and department stores. 

Cover in Style

No matter what cover-up style you choose, you’ll want to select the type that most closely suits your personality and swim ensemble. In addition, the cover-up should also help you to feel comfortable. Wear yours with style by adding an appropriate hat, such as a giant straw style, oversized sunglasses, and flip-flops when applicable.

This way, when you strut down the boardwalk, you’ll feel fabulous and confident — a winning beach combination.

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