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Top React Js Practices for Component-Based Architecture

There is no single great practice for structuring and creating a React js application.

To keep a React js application productive and flexible we have to follow the software’s architecture and design.

We have to work on it efficiently and modify it without rewriting its base React js code.

At the micro level, there are some excellent practices, but if you are working in a team, the team has its own architecture.

It is certainly impossible to apply universal best practices to all businesses and applications, but we can follow some general guidelines for the product codebase.

Here we highlighted some principles and amazing practices about components. There are numerous ways to create React js app. Let us discuss step by step.

Sweet Functional Components

Firstly, Functional Components are simple syntax.

Secondly, no stress about boilerplate-like lifecycle methods and constructors.

Thirdly, with fewer characters and without losing readability you can convey the same logic.

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Write Consistent Components

Firstly, you should adhere to a single style for the React js Components.

Secondly, ensure to keep your helper functions in the same place.

Additionally, you can export at the end of the component file or while defining the Component prefer anyone and follow it.

Organizing Helper Functions

Firstly, Don’t describe your helper functions after your Component.

Secondly, the best place to describe helper functions is before the Component to make the file readable.

Thirdly, You should keep a few helper functions in the component and pass the values to the state as arguments.

Naming the Components

You should always assign names to the React js components. It will help you to monitor the error with React js Development Tools.

Never Hardcode Markup

Firstly, You should quit hardcoding the markup for filters, navigation, and lists and start looping through configuration objects.

Length of the Component

React js Component is just a function that can accept props as arguments and return markup.

Firstly, Divide the react js Component into smaller Components if the functions are sophisticated.

Secondly, take assistance from props and callback functions for communication and data sharing between the Components.

Use Comment in React js JSX

Firstly, write relevant comments in JSX.

Additionally, writing comments will give clarity to the react js code.

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Destructing of Props

As React Components are functions, they receive props and return markup, so there is no need to use props everywhere.

Quantity of Props

The more props a Component gets, the Component has more reasons to re-render itself. You should assign less amount of props to a Component.

Choose Objects over Primitives

A  simple tip is to use TypeScript, instead of using primitive values use objects to minimize the number of props.

No More Nested Ternary Operators

It is hard to read Ternary operators, so minimize the use of nested Ternary operators as much as you can.

List components should be separated

In general, web developers use the Map function to loop over the list items, but if a Component has too many marks up, the map function can create readability problems.

If the markup is long or complicated then select a single mapping per Component.

When Destructuring use Default Props

Firstly, set default values by using a default props property to the Component.

Secondly, While destructuring the props try to allocate a default at that time it will enhance the overall readability of the React js code.

Less Nested Render Functions

Firstly, Whenever you are using markup from a Component don’t use it in a function having the same Component.

Secondly, design another Component, move it there name it properly, and rely on props instead of closure.

Wrapping Up

In this blog, we highlighted some principles and best practices about components. There are numerous ways to create react js application.

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Shalu Vashisht is a technical content writer at BigScal. She is well-versed in researching and writing on an array of topics. She works closely with businesses and helps them get rapid and organic growth through impeccable digital marketing content. When not working, you can find her reading spiritual books.

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