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Top-Rated Attractions To See In Finland

Finland was first occupied by the Swedes and then by the Russians. And when it comes to the history of Finland, the land has seen a  lot of turbulence. The country finally received its independence in 1917. The captivating ruins, the towering fortresses, and the Meandering cobblestones pathways are the hallmarks of this country full of past remaining hues. In this blog, you will get to know about some of the Top-Rated Attractions To See In Finland, so if you are planning a trip, whether with friends or with family, you must consider Finland this time.

Not only history and heritage make the place worth visiting. Rather than natural beauty, the country has been credited with the universe drawing many tourists to this destination for their holidays. To fly to Finlandyou can simply consider EasyJet. Dial the EasyJet Teléfono to make your flight reservations. This is the easiest process for flight booking. Also, over the call, you can ask for the best deals for flying to Finland.

List of Top-Rated Attractions To See In Finland

Northern Lights in Lapland

At least once in a lifetime, every individual should experience these northern lights. If you come to Lapland on a starry winter night,  you might experience something beyond your imagination. All the colours dancing in the sky will make you feel as if you are a part of some fairy tale. 

Kemi and the snow castle

Well, this is the place where you have to go during winters only. Because during the spring, the snow melts. And when the winters arrive, the locals build this wonderland castle, again and again, every year.  Also, each year the architectural beauty is somewhat different from the previous year. However, coming every year to the same place is neither feasible nor practical. But, you must try and come to this place at least once in your lifetime.  The castle houses an art gallery, restaurant, chapel, and a hotel to stay in as well.

Moreover, the place is also famous for holding weddings. Every year the castle opens in January and stays till April. 

Aland Island: Finland

Well, we have mentioned in the introduction paragraph that the place had Swedes settlements in history. This is the land where you are going to meet people speaking Sweded mostly. To hop to the island, you take a quick ferry ride. Visitors come here for activities such as exploring the remains of the mediaeval era or the area around deserted islands. The dining and lodging options in the capital are diverse. Visitors can take in the stunning seascapes outside the city or try their hand at hiking, kayaking, boating, and other outdoor sports.

Finnish Sauna

Well, you are going to find a sauna in all the Finnish houses. This is a basic tradition that the nation has. Infact, the whole concept of the sauna was developed by the Finns. Many of you might be thinking about what this sauna exactly is. So, it is basically a wooden room that might be in the house or out of the house. It is heated with hot rocks. Some of the major activities that people do in Finland are stripping off, going into the warm room, and then jumping into a lake or river.

And it is said that you must take a shower before you enter a sauna. Now, even if you do know any of the locals or the natives who have a sauna in their home, and you really want to experience it, there are several hotels and resorts offering you this.

Olavinlinna Castle

This castle is perched on an island with a view of Lake Saimaa. It is simply magnificent. It was constructed as a strategic defence for the Savo Region and served as a key fortification against eastern Russian invasions.

Since 1912, the castle has hosted an annual opera festival that draws visitors from all over the world. The castle is accessible to the general public every day and provides an impressive guided tour that reveals all the mysteries concealed within the castle walls.

Levi: Finland

If you love skiing or even if you are someone who wants to try, Levi in Finland is one of the best locations to do so.  The location receives consistent snowfall, the world-class slopes are almost always vacant, and there are never any lineups for the chair lifts. In Levi, facilities are up to date and spotless.

Levi Resort offers a variety of food and entertainment options for skiers. But even if that’s not your thing. There are plenty of other snow-related activities nearby. Some might include husky, snowmobile, reindeer safaris, and snowshoeing. While in the area, visitors should not skip a trip to the Levin Iglut Resort, which is renowned for its glass-roofed igloos.

Urho Kekkonen National Park

The second-largest national park in Finland. It draws trekkers, hikers, and skiers because of its diversity. Indigenous Sami people in the region are still engaged in the tradition of reindeer herding. As a result, husky and reindeer safaris are available here.

As the location of Santa Claus, Korvatunturi, also known as Ear Fell, extends all the way to the northern Russian border. The breathtaking natural landscape, which varies greatly from season to season, changing from luscious green to shining white, is composed of clear streams, deep gorges, and rolling hills.

Old Porvoo : Finland

This is a town that stands on a riverbank. And it is the second oldest town in Finland. It gained popularity for its ruby red houses lined on the edge of Porvoonjoki River. This is the river that takes its way into the Gulf of Finland, making Porvoo and Helsinki 

meet. Well, it’s not possible during the winter, but during the summer days, you can have a river ride between these two places. 

Not only the ruby red houses but rather the open-air shops and restaurants, the parks, and the picturesque buildings provide you with a great destination to explore on your vacation to Finland.

We have come to the concluding part of this blog, talking about the best places to see or visit in Finland. Again, coming to your comfort of flying to Finland, EasyJet is not the only option. Rather, travellers can also think of flying with Canarafly. This is another airline offering the best onboard services to passengers. Therefore, for tickets, you can call on Canarafly Telefono and get in touch with the airline person to book the flight tickets.

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