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Top Menu Trends For Your Restaurant

Introduction: What are Menu trends?

Menu trends, or more popularly, food trends are worldwide changes in menu based on the changes in food preferences. These changes are often long lasting, because they are healthy and manageable. Food trends are often good, because it helps a person to stay fit, even if they love eating outside. While some people love trying our new dishes which are exotic when they are outside or in a restaurant, they like it more when it is healthy as well. We already know how drastic effects foods can have on our bodies, so it is very important to keep in mind that health should not be compromised for anything. 

Top Menu Trends 2022

Let us take a glimpse on some popular menu trends which you can follow:

  1. Mental health menu: Foods play an important role in mental and cognitive development. 2022 has been an arduous year because of coronavirus pandemic, and this food trend has emerged keeping mental health in mind, so the name. When our body is nourished with certain nutrients, it can effectively fight depression, anxiety, and stress. There are numerous superfoods which can boost your mind, and this trend popularized those items. In general, these are the common items which can be included –

SALMON: The fatty fish contains Omega 3, which is proven to reduce depression. Moreover, it has high amounts of Vitamin D which can fight stress and anxiety.

CHICKEN: This lean protein has the amino acid tryptophan, which helps your body produce serotonin, a substance that elevates mood and helps maintain a strong memory.


It contains high levels of flavonoids, which enhances memory, and helps in mental health issues. 

  1. Vegan menu: Vegan diets are linked to a wide variety of health benefits, and prevent certain chronic diseases. A vegan diet eliminates animal products, and people adopt veganism for many ethical and health concerns. This food trend helps to reduce the risk of diabetes, unhealthy weight gain, and blood pressure. Maintain a balanced vegan menu by including these foods: 

Nut milk as a replacement for cow milk: Dairy alternatives like soy milk or almond milk are extremely beneficial for health as they allow better heart health. 

Grains: Grains like oats and rice can help keep the balance of protein

Leafy vegetables: Omega 3 is very essential for your body, and leafy vegetables ensure that your body is not deprived of nutrition. 

  1. Low-carb menu: With the rise of carbohydrate alternative products, this menu trend has been a long term favourite for many health enthusiasts. The ingredients can be versatile, and you do not need to compromise on taste. Here are the basic foods:

Lean meats: Lean meats like chicken are low in carbohydrates and rich in protein. Also, it is very versatile and has a wide range of recipes revolving around it. They are rich in iron and B12, and are high in nutritional contents.

Fish: Rich in Omega 3 and fatty acids, fish also has calcium and phosphorus, and are a great source of iodine and zinc. 

Cauliflower: They have extremely low carbohydrates and are high in fiber, antioxidants, and choline. The vegetable can protect you against cancer and enhance weight loss and digestion. 

  1. Local foods: Local foods, as the name suggests are produced locally, i.e, within a short distance. The food supply is fast, because it cuts down energy expenses due to travel, and keeps the food fresh and healthy for a long time. Local foods promote sustainable organic farming practices, and because they do not travel for a long time, they are able to keep the nutritional content intact as soon as they reach the consumers. Local foods are often unprocessed, and therefore contain almost zero preservatives and low sugar.  



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