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Top 5 Best YouTube Video Editing Apps for Free

Best YouTube Video Editing Apps for Free

Are you interested in starting your own YouTube channel? However, the technical aspect of this vocation always becomes a roadblock in your way.  Well now it’s totally uncalled for living in the modern era gives you advantages like never before. What if we tell you that without spending a single penny you can edit your video at home just like any professional director out there? The final edited video is going to be from your dreams.

Today, we are here to share with you the top 5 best YouTube video editing apps for free. If you don’t need your old phone anymore? Therefore, you can sell old phones at Quickmobile for the best market price.


Vlogit is considered to be one of the best video edits. It can also help you edit different media files. Most YouTubers who mostly rely on their Android to edit videos prefer Vlogit. One of the amazing things about Vlogit is it arrives with an amazing interface that one uses easily without facing any difficulty in the editing process. You are going to love features such as trimming, and video rotating. Tremendous video effects include animated texts, overlays, and filters. You can also stream your entire videos and share them on multiple social media platforms.


2. Magisto

If you like to turn your different home videos into a movie then Magisto will help you out. Pick out any two or multiple clips that you wanna put together. Now you need to select the right soundtrack to go along with the movie just press the “Processing” button and let the app do its work. Only in a few minutes, you get professionally cut home video movies edited from your Android, and later on, you can enjoy it.


3. Power Director Video Editor

A perfect and powerful video editing app for Android phone users. It comes with fun video effects and you will discover all features that are required in the movie-making video editor app. When you are finished with editing the video have a feature such as a voice-over that helps you share your videos instantly on YouTube. Drag and drop, record and customize the soundtrack, and quick video editing are some of the best features of this app that you don’t want to miss out on.


4. KineMaster Pro Video Editor

Kinemaster has all the necessary tools that you require in a YouTube video editing app for your Android phone. If you like to give your videos a professional look then Kinemaster Pro Video Editor should be your first choice. Add an extra layer to your video to achieve a professional look by putting a photo inside a photo effect.

You can benefit from other features such as video trimming, getting a preview any time of the day, and making adjustments in the brightness level, colors, even the volume of your video and speed as well. Once you are done editing you can share these videos on YouTube or the social media platform of your choice. All of that is for without any additional charges.


5. Adobe Premiere Clip

If you can find a premium YouTube video editing app for free such as Adobe for your Android device. I don’t think you need something else. Who wouldn’t love features that empower them to develop automatic video clips finished with pictures and a soundtrack?

All you have to do is drag and drop different clips and pictures while you are editing the unnecessary parts of the video. You can always pick your favorite soundtrack. Meanwhile, you don’t have to worry about sacrificing the audio in the middle of the clips.


Final Words:-  It’s not necessary that you only find good apps on the Play Store and have to pay to run their services. When there are free video editing apps available. An app suited for your needs requires you to fulfill all of your expectations and that’s something for you to figure out. Imagine while editing your video your phone shuts down and you are unable to find out what is wrong with it and how to fix it. Indeed you should approach a professional and seek their online mobile repair service at effective prices.

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