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Top 12 Benefits to Pick Laravel for a Web Development Project

Learning web development can be a difficult and daunting task, but with the right tools, it becomes much more enjoyable and simple to understand. If you’re looking to develop your own website or application, picking the right software to help you can be the make-or-break difference between having an easy, successful development process and getting stuck trying to figure out what the heck all of those computer commands mean.

To help you choose the right web development platform, here are the top 12 advantages of choosing Laravel as your framework. If you are planning to hire a Laravel developer for your project before then know the major benefits.

12 Benefits of Laravel for a Web Development

1) Open source software

Laravel is a free and open-source PHP web framework that was created by Taylor Otwell and first released in 2011. It is one of the most popular frameworks for a Web Development Project.

One reason why it is so widely used is its very simple, readable code base. Users can download the latest release from GitHub, which makes installation quick and easy. Furthermore, it has a large community with many developers who are constantly adding new features to the software or providing technical support on various forums and websites such as Stack Overflow.

2) Pre-built code

Laravel is an MVC based PHP framework with a clean, expressive syntax. It aims to make the developer’s job as easy as possible through features like code generation and scaffolding.

This combined with its modern components like Blade and Eloquent, plus its many available packages, has made it one of the most popular frameworks today. Another benefit to using Laravel is that you can use any IDE or editor you want.

3) Active and large community

The community is large and active, which means that there are many people out there who are trying to help you when you run into issues. Plus, the community helps keep the framework up-to-date as they push out new versions with bug fixes and new features. The community also tries to keep up with upcoming technologies, so it’s likely that they will be one of the first frameworks to add support for things like GraphQL.

In addition, their large size guarantees that if you’re stuck on something, there is probably someone in the community who has experienced the same thing and can offer advice or point you in the right direction.

4) Documentation

One of the main benefits of using Laravel is that it has an easy documentation process. This makes it easier for developers to get started with your website, and also means that the code you write will be easier for other developers to work on in the future. With less time spent on documentation and more time spent working on building your site, you’ll get more done for your project.

5) Reusable components (libraries)

Reusable components (libraries) are one of the many advantages of using Laravel. It has many third-party libraries that can be used in your project such as Pusher, Socialite, and Flysystem. Reusable components (libraries) make building applications much faster because they have already been created by others before you and are ready to use. These third-party libraries can be installed with a composer command or through an artisan command.

6) Security

Laravel offers end to end security, including CSRF and XSS protection. That means your website can’t be hacked into or have malicious scripts injected into it. This is possible thanks to the built in security features that come with this framework. It also has encryption built-in.

There’s an extensive list of other security measures you’ll find as you explore Laravel’s documentation. As far as frameworks go, this one is probably one of the most secure available. Ease: In addition to being simple and easy to use, Laravel has tools like Blade templates and Eloquent which make coding easier too.

8) Customization

Laravel is highly customized and offers many different packages that can be used to suit your needs. Whether you’re working with HTML, CSS, JavaScript or just need an admin area for your website, Laravel has the tools you need. It also has many features including: Eloquent ORM for SQL databases; ActiveRecord-like models; Blade templating engine; Model observers; Form requests; Authentication scaffolding; I18n internationalization support and much more.

9) Cached Memory Integration

Laravel is best for Cached Memory Integration, as it is designed with the intention of caching data for fast retrieval. In addition, it offers an amazing cache driver for Redis and Memcached. This makes it one of the best frameworks for caching. Furthermore, it is also possible to access objects within the cache from other requests. Hence, developers are not required to create cache again and again if they need similar data in different places.

Second, Migrations: Laravel’s migrations feature allows you to define your database schemas by declaring them in code instead of using SQL commands or another third-party software package like PhpMyAdmin or Sequel Pro.

10) Seamless Automation Testing

Seamless Automation Testing is one of the many advantages of selecting Laravel as your web development framework. When you have in-depth test suites, it’s easier and faster to fix bugs. The tests can be reused, and they give you an assurance that the code will perform well in production.

With Laravel, you’ll see some big improvements with automation testing and how quickly you’re able to find bugs when using this approach. It’s much easier to write automated tests with Laravel than any other framework out there because the documentation is very clear about what classes are needed for testing (not required) and how to use them.

If something goes wrong during a test, just go back and make adjustments instead of worrying about what could have gone wrong or where the bug might be hiding.

11) In-built Authentication & Authorization System

Authentication and authorization go hand in hand. If you want your users to interact with your app. You need to determine who they are and if they have the necessary permissions. Laravel provides all of these features out of the box. Which means less time writing boilerplate authentication code and more time building application features.

One way that Laravel helps here is by providing built-in guards. A guard defines how incoming requests should be authenticated before being passed on to routes or controllers.

12) Easier Exception Handling

Exception handling should be a concern for any developer, and in the world of PHP frameworks, Laravel is a standout. Not only does Laravel make it easy to create custom exceptions that can easily be thrown and caught using dedicated syntax. But it also provides several other tools for handling them. For example, you can set up your own custom error handlers or use one of the many built-in handlers. The framework provides a robust error control mechanism that lets you specify how you want errors handled.


It is the right choice if you want to spend less time on building and more time on your business. It is the right choice if you want to build websites that are fast, secure, and reliable. Laravel development services is the right choice if you want to work with an open source framework that has a strong community of developers behind it. And it’s also the perfect choice if you’re looking for a framework with built-in support for testing, templating, caching, validation, and so much more.

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