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Tips to Optimize Bathroom Lighting

Like the bedroom, your bathroom also needs to be clean and lightened. Because of room space, many owners overlook the opportunity for Bathroom lighting. As a result of which, your bathroom space gets congested and dark. On the other hand, people choose large sanitary items in a small shaped bathroom, which also makes the room congested and dark. Bathrooms must be designed in connection with the room and lightened the same way the bedroom is lightened. Following tips to optimize bathroom lighting needs to be taken place. These are the considerations for bathroom lighting design:

Natural Light Source: 

The first and most important source of bathroom lighting is nature. The natural light source is an energy-efficient way of optimizing bathroom lighting. Look for adding natural light sources in place when renovating your bathroom. Like installing a small window if your neighbor is at some distance. Installing a small window not only optimizes bathroom lighting but also provides a source of ventilation. The other source is installing a skylight for natural lightning. Installing a skylight serves as a good source of lighting while maintaining privacy.

Proper Vanity Lighting:

Proper Vanity lighting is also an important factor to consider for optimizing your bathroom lighting. Vanity lighting not only optimizes bathroom lighting but also makes your bathroom appear beautiful. There are thousands of Vanity Lighting designs and color themes from simple to shadow and smoke colors. But the ideal theme and design is the one that makes your bathroom look light and beautiful. It must not be bulky enough that it will cover a large amount of your bathroom area. And not so dim that bathroom lighting would not be achieved.

Vanity fixtures should be installed at eye level on either side of the mirror. If there’s not enough space, then extra elements like hanging pendant lights can be installed. Vanity lighting is the second-best source of optimizing bathroom lighting after natural light sources. 

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Code-Complaint Bath and Shower Lights:

Now, the concept of lighting in the bathroom is not only limited to the main center light of your bathroom. Vanity lighting and bath or shower area lights also enhance the lighting needs of your bathroom. Furthermore, modern designers have considered the places in your bathroom where light needs to be installed. Bath and shower areas must be lightened, as it appears beautiful and optimizes bathroom lighting. Even if you have the main light in the center, the shower area in some cases appears dark. There are many reasons for which bath and shower lights need to be installed, like dark theme and color contrast, etc., and bath or shower lights need to be installed.

Bathroom lighting is also as important as your room lighting. Imagine a dark bathroom attached to a colorful room, will dust all your room decor as well. A simple lighting bathroom looks more beautiful than a fully installed dark bathroom. Above are some recommendations for optimizing bathroom lighting.

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