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Tips for Maximizing Your Workout Time

Perhaps your fitness center is open for business as normal. But you’d still like to spend as little time as possible in the company of heavy-breathers. If you only have so much time to devote to your fitness routine, how should you prioritize your workouts? We’d like to offer you a couple methods of approach.

Train at both the gym and at home.

From the first Days, your “gym time” and “exercise time” might have been the same. But it doesn’t have to just be way, particularly if you’ve snatched some dumbbell. To keep at home or discover a few body weight routines you love.

Make a note of everything you do in the gym and everything you do outside of the gym. That contributes to your current workout program. In the absence of a rack and barbell, someone with access only to dumbbells at home may compile a list like this one:

At the gym:

  • squats
  • pull-ups
  • The Benches Exercise
  • Intervals on the rowing machine
  • more

At home:

  • curls
  • planks
  • push-ups
  • running

Once you have your lists, consider rescheduling your exercises. Perhaps you can skip the lighter accessory work after your barbell lifts and head straight home from the gym.

As an alternative to using the treadmill for your warm-up, you might walk there or run laps all around the parking lot.

Lift fewer, heavier weights.

Consider whether larger, full-body lifts might be a more efficient use of your time. If you’re used to executing a bodybuilding-style regimen. With a million different tiny exercises. Check out https://recommendat.com/ to learn more about weight lifting safely and its benefits. The squat with a barbell (or even a Smith machine) is more efficient at building muscle in less time than any other leg equipment in the gym. 


Changes to your program that allow you to perform fewer, heavier lifts may be worth the effort. Going to the gym 3 times each week and focusing on heavy lifting. May be just as effective as going 5 times each week and focusing on a different body region each time. (The standard “male split” with a breast day, an arms’ day, etc.).

Do yourself a favor and schedule a session with a coach or trainer if you’ve never tried barbell lifts before. So you can learn proper form. Learning proper lifting technique from a coach who can watch your form in person is another great use of gym time.

Incorporate supersets into your strategy.

Supersets are a tried-and-true method of maximizing workout efficiency. The Remaining dominant set of muscles is relaxing, you may let another perform some work.

An exercise superset is when you complete two exercises back-to-back, immediately after each other. You could, for instance, perform a set of bicep curls. Then a set of tricep extensions, and thereafter rest briefly before repeating the set. Supersets, or its close relative circuit training, are occasionally used to keep the heart rate high. As a kind of conditioning. That it’s an option, too.

However, supersets may be included into a standard weight training routine as well, if you’re short on time. Many squat racks, for instance, also come equipped with a bar or grips for pull-ups. Use one of the five minutes of downtime between hard squat sets to perform a few pull-ups.

Furthermore, a push and a row may be a powerful duo. Bring some dumbbells with you as you walk to the dumbbell press station. And use them to complete some rows in between your bench presses.

With little ingenuity, you might be able to cut your gym time in half. By switching up your routine or using other equipment. (Like a squat rack for pull-ups instead of a lot pulldown machine, for example).

Get your heart rate up by performing periods of hard exercise.

Not all of your cardio sessions have to be HIIT. But if you can get the same results by going for brisk walks or some other form of slow. Moderate cardio outside the gym, by all means save your workout time for whatever will give you the most return. You may get your cardio in by doing intense intervals. On a rowing machine, cycle, or stair climber for 20 minutes or less. And afterwards finish off with some less taxing training at home.

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