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These yoga asanas are best for beginners

It is very important to be physically fit to stay healthy. There are many benefits of doing yoga and you start seeing and feeling it after a time, if you do not like to go to the gym or exercise, then you can try yoga. Although many people must have told you that doing gym gives quick results and there is no doubt about it. But yoga gives you long lasting results. Although it is not easy to be a beginner in any field, even if it is about yoga, by staying regular, you can easily include it in your daily routine and habit. For this you will just need the right start, for this, you should try some easy Yoga Teacher Training in Bali. Although it is not easy to choose from more than 300 yogasanas, we are telling you some such poses which can be done without any hassle and take very less time, you can do them in your home, in the garden, or You can practice on the terrace. Let us know about these yogasanas-

  • Tadasana
  • Vrikshasana
  • Balasan
  • Sukhasana
  • Pawanmuktasana


These yoga asanas are best for beginners

Tadasana (Mountain Pose)

This is the most basic and easy yoga pose, in Tadasana the word ‘Tad’ means ‘mountain’ and this asana teaches you to remain steady like a mountain. Here the meaning of the palm is also the huge palm tree, which is quite strong. This asana looks quite common but it has many benefits.

How to practice:

To do this, you have to keep your body in a straight line, keep your waist, shoulders and head straight and keep your hands straight near the waist. Keep the palms open outwards. Now slowly stand on your toes. Simultaneously inhale and exhale


These yoga asanas are best for beginners

Tree pose

For those who are stepping into the world of yoga, this asana is very beneficial as it helps you in creating balance and stability. It gives you increased focus. To practice this, you have to stand on one leg.

How to practice:

Standing with both your feet close, now place the sole of your straight leg on the upper thigh of the opposite leg. Place your hands near your chest in the praying position, now take a deep breath and release.

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These yoga asanas are best for beginners

Balasana (Child Pose)

Balasan is easy to practice, it is considered suitable for beginners, although you can do it at every level. It helps to relax your body and relax the muscles. It also relaxes you mentally.

How to practice:

Sit on the ground with your legs stretched out in front of you, now bend your legs and place them under the hips, bending the waist forward, join the head with the ground and keep your hands straight in front of the head, palms should be towards the ground, Stay in this position for 1 minute.


These yoga asanas are best for beginners

Sukhasana (Easy Pose)

This asana is done to calm and relax the mind, it is a suitable asana for meditation and pranayama. This asana is done by laying a cross on the ground and concentrating.

How to practice:

Sit in a comfortable position and make a cross knee( palathi). Keep the waist straight, place the palms on the knees, now take a deep breath, and release, while focusing on your breath and relaxing.


These yoga asanas are best for beginners

Pawanmuktasana (Wind relieving pose)

This asana improves your digestion, relaxes the waist, strengthens the abdominals and back muscles, as well as provides relief from acidity.

How to practice:

Lie down on your waist. Now bend your knees and bring them near the chest, as if you are hugging them. Press the knees towards the chest with the hands, now take a deep breath and release, and stay in this position for as long as possible.


Keep these special things in mind:

  • Do only those asanas which you can easily do.
  • Do not force yourself to practice any asana.
  • If you have pain in the knees, waist, or any other part, then do not do yogasanas that put pressure on that part.
  • If you have had an injury before and you are trying to recover from it, do not start doing yoga without consulting your doctor.
  • When starting to do yoga, focus on your breathing.
  • Your body’s flexibility may be low in the beginning. So don’t get discouraged at the very beginning of the effort.
  • Adopt only the yoga style that is better and more suitable for you.

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