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These 6 yoga asanas remove lethargy, fatigue, and stress, know when and how to do them

Stress-related to studies or career, relationship entanglements, hectic routine, everything does not go well in life. Sometimes the mind is sad, stressed, tired, restless, sad, or upset, and sometimes it is angry. There are many types of emotions, which distract a person by giving rise to negative thoughts. In such situations, the help of exercise, yoga, meditation, or outdoor games can be taken to stay balanced. Sometimes it is natural to feel tired after working for hours but sometimes fatigue starts for no reason. If there is a feeling of lethargy all the time, then some actions should be taken for this-

Life is full of ups and downs. Sometimes the happiness of success and sometimes the sorrow of not getting anything. The mood also changes with the situation. So is it possible to keep the mind calm and balanced? The answer is- yes. Learn some ways to stay balanced in every mood.


This is the easiest action, which immediately removes physical-mental fatigue-

  • Lie straight on your back, and leave your legs loose.
  • Keep the arms straight by the side of the body.
  • Now starting with your thumb, start concentrating slowly on each part of the body.
  • Allow the mind to concentrate and feel that the body is slowly absorbing energy – becoming healthy.

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It is specially designed to relieve fatigue.

  • First, you lie down on your stomach on the ground.
  • And keep both hands in the line of the body by lifting them slightly upwards.
  • Now raise your head upwards.
  • Take a long breath. And slowly raise both the legs, neck and head upwards but the abdominal part remains close to the ground. Now return to the previous state.
  • Repeat this 10-20 times.

Breathing Technics 1

  • Sit in a secluded place. And place one hand on the chest, the other on the stomach, and take a deep breath.
  • Breathe through the nose. The hand placed on the chest should be stable, and the hand on the stomach should move slowly.
  • Try breathing through your mouth.
  • Repeat this action for 5 minutes.

Breathing Technics 2

  • Close your eyes and focus on your breath. And breathe in through the nose and release it through the mouth.
  • Clenched fist tightly. Notice the tension that occurs in this position.
  • Slowly open the fingers and feel the release of the tension in the palms.

Breathing Technics 3

  • First, close your eyes completely and take a deep breath.
  • Now count to 10. And repeat this process, increasing the count to 50-100.
  • Try to focus on something beautiful, like a painting, flower vase, or any other colorful thing.

Breathing Technics 4

  • Sit in a quiet place and close your eyes and focus on your breath and your body.
  • Open your eyes, and focus on the surrounding environment. Be aware of any sound, scent, or phenomenon whatsoever.
  • Repeat the awareness process 5 times.

Hope you liked this article and now you have understood well about this yoga postures. If you also want to be healthy then practice yoga asana daily and keep yourself mentally and physically healthy.

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