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The Upside to Being Selective—Nail Polishes Edition

Being a little particular about your products isn’t a bad thing. It’s actually good. When it comes to nail care products, you want to be selective. Not all nail care products are created equal. Like all areas of the beauty industry, some brands hold higher standards than others. So, if you’re wondering why people look for vegan nail polishes without potentially harsh ingredients, here’s what you need to know.

Your Nails Are Porous

Like your skin, your nails are porous. However, there’s a critical difference between cosmetics and skincare products and nail care. Nail polish stays on your nails for a while. Some people wear the same nail polish for weeks. That’s why it’s critical to find vegan nail polishes without components that make nails look dry and feel brittle. When wearing nail polish, you want the product to have nourishing ingredients even if it was applied a week or two earlier.

The Beauty Industry Is Wildly Inconsistent

You may know the beauty industry can be a little hard to navigate. There are so many brands claiming to do the same thing. Then, more prominent brands buy out smaller brands, and they often don’t follow the same standards as the brands they buy! Doing your research and being super selective about brands is one of the best things you can do for your body. You can make certain products like vegan nail polishes are right for you and your lifestyle.

There Are Great, Cruelty-Free Nail Care Products

You can uncover excellent cruelty-free options when you are particular about vegan nail polishes. Here’s the tricky thing: A company can label itself as “cruelty-free” if they don’t test on animals. Yet, they can still use animal-derived ingredients in their products. That’s why it’s so important to focus on vegan and cruelty-free when you’re shopping for nail polish. You don’t want to shop with a company that will compromise its standards. When choosing nail polish vegan is the way to go.

Vegan Nail Polishes Are High-Quality

These vegan and cruelty-free brands will open the door to other, higher standards. They will help you find luxurious collections of gorgeous, vegan nail lacquers that also happen to be 7-free. In other words, they don’t contain:

• Formaldehyde

• Formaldehyde resin

• Camphor

• Dibutyl phthalate (DBP)

• Xylene

• Toluene

• Triphenyl phosphate (TPHP)

If you think that vegan means it won’t look the same as conventional nail polish, think again. These colors are as vibrant and exciting as ever. The simple fact of the matter is they just don’t have all the potentially harsh ingredients.

Nail Polish Is About More Than the Color

If you’re shopping in stores, you can be drawn to the nail lacquers lining the shelves of a cosmetics department. By now, you should know that color alone is no犀利士
t the deciding feature. Think of all the information you read and learned today and factor that into your decision. On top of colors, there’s the quality, company standards, labeling, and a lack of all the nasty stuff you don’t want on your nails.

When choosing nail polishes, it’s okay to be selective. You want your nails to look and feel good the entire time you wear the polish. Why risk that with potentially harsh ingredients and outdated nail care formulas, especially when you can get beautiful nail lacquer and nail care products? They’re the ones with seriously elevated elements. So, now you know why people look for vegan nail polishes with 7-free, high-quality ingredients. It’s because you’re currently looking for those products too.

About NCLA Beauty

Treat yourself to clean beauty reimagined with NCLA Beauty. Started by two Asian-American sisters, NCLA Beauty creates experiences. Every product is meant to delight and reward the senses—from smell to touch. Not only that, but all their self-care products are also made with safe, natural, and vegan ingredients. From lip scrubs to body butters, clean beauty is what NCLA Beauty is all about. Feel good about your self-care choices as you entice your senses with Hey, Sugar Peach Body Scrub. Let the sweet aromatics of peach surround you with summery nostalgia. Or let any of NCLA Beauty’s Bath Treats all natural bath bombs take you on a relaxing, aromatic journey. But the journey doesn’t end there! From lip balms to nail polishes, NCLA Beauty has all kinds of products made just for you—because you deserve it.

Find vegan nail polish and sensational body care products at https://nclabeauty.com/

Beverly Dasenbrock

I sold my makeup and beauty company two years ago to start a new career in blogging about health and beauty products. While I did enjoy running a successful beauty brand, I realized that my true calling was education. So many people are misinformed when it comes to makeup, so I’ve started writing about myths, misconceptions, and products in the industry! Thanks for checking out my profile and I hope you can use my expertise to make the decisions to change your makeup game!

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