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The Top Seven Abilities That Every Student Must Have To Be A Successful Book Writer

Creative writing isn’t a piece of cake, even if you love doing it. One has to spend hours on an idea and more hours to phrase it in the best way. If you just sit and start writing it down in a flow, and you’re good at it, there’s still work that remains.


Proofreading your own pieces is a crucial step in the way. As a student, you might assume becoming a book writer is an attractive aesthetic, but there’s more than just a label.


From content writers who work at book writing services to the ones that publish daunting stories in a newspaper, every proofreads on their own. The key here is that you can not necessarily employ anyone to proofread for you.


If you do so, dont completely rely on them. Creative writing is more than just finding errors through AI software! From the metaphors, you use to the tone you shift, everything matters when you have published the novel and taken payments from people.


Here are some key skills that can train you better to become a book writer. Scroll below to find more!

1) Sense Of Genre


It is a fact that your genre decides your writing style. Some genres, such as crime, are more intense than other contemporary plots.


For example, a story based on war events will have a harder language than a teenage romance novel. So a book writer uses the vocabulary and sentence structures that match the genre of his/her story.


The other branches of writing as tone and idioms, must also make sense of the theme of narration. But don’t restrict your creativity too much so that your text starts sounding boring. A little shift toward comedy and sarcasm in writings is appreciated by readers nowadays.


2) Consistency


It may sound a bit strange, but writing and math require the same approach. It’s not about practicing harder but about practicing daily. So you need to be loyally consistent with your text. A book writer must develop a habit of writing regular sequels.


In this way, your writing would be in flow. And you wouldn’t need to memorize where you left off or get nervous, but the plot will start developing on its own.


Hopefully, this won’t be a depressing task for students because they already get a pile of assignments. This plan can be made easier if you assign yourself a number of words daily.


3) Less Reliant on AI Content


Writing is an art all about originality. And the introduction of AI( artificial intelligence) is taking away that originality. It is true that this notion can help a book writer to develop their skills in terms of finding better words and the ideal tone for a scene.


But advisably, one should only make a few adaptations from AI content. Otherwise, your text may consist of all literary devices, but people won’t be able to relate to it.


The reason is that a human mind knows better what appeals to other humans than technology. Moreover, it is not good to rely too much on AI as it makes you lazy.


4) Reading Habit



The first step to becoming a good writer is to first become a vigilant reader. Because when you identify what’s good to read, you know how to write well. This activity will also improve your vocabulary.


The key benefit of reading is that you get to know what inspires the author to write so well. And then, you can look for the same things to make your story sound real. But a good book writer wouldn’t adopt others’ writing styles in their stories.


In this way, there would be nothing special in your work to appeal to others.


5) Research


Writing is all about imagining. But that imagination must have certain limits so that your reader is convinced with your ideas. It is indeed true that in fiction, you are creating a world of your own. But it is also necessary that your reader is able to relate it to the world they are living in.


So before a book writer starts, he should have some background research. For example, if your story is about car racing, writing that the protagonist won the competition by jumping over cars sounds unsensible.


In other writing pieces, a little bit of knowledge is important as the name of the places around which the story is set. These facts can easily be found in your web browser.


6) Plan and Develop Characters



Remember that it’s not the plot that makes the story amusing but the characters. Thus a book writer has to design his/her characters as precisely as the plot. Developing a character is not listing their characteristics when giving their introduction.


A character develops along with the twists and turns of the story. In this way, the readers connect with your characters easily, and they stay with them. Another thing to consider is that the personality of your character stays balanced throughout the story.


This means that if your hero is one with a bad temper, then him being quiet over something against him wouldn’t make sense. But that actually depends upon the scenario, so sometimes this could make sense.


7) Creativity


Creativity is the commonality of every mind. But before starting to write a book, a writer needs to consider what he/she is creative at. Most people are creative at writing what they like reading. And the most important point of being creative is to be real.


Just write whatever idea comes to your mind instead of copying others. Whether that idea convinces the reader or not is what your creativity will decide. Most importantly, it is wrong to believe that in being creative, you cannot be casual.




These seven tips are the key characteristics that every successful writer possesses. Whether you talk of teen novels written by John Green or of classical writers like mary Shelley, consistency was the key!

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