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The Ten Most Common Mistakes Students Make when Applying for a Temporary Graduate Visa

Before you left for Australia, your main aim might have been to pursue a reputed course in the country as an international student. But as the course is near its end, you might want to extend your stay in the country. If you are on a student visa and it is going to expire, your best bet is a Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485.

This kind of visa can benefit overseas individuals who want to work in Australia. This Australian visa can provide you with certain work rights from one and a half to around four years, depending on your course. In this guide, you will learn about mistakes students make when applying for this visa.

Common Mistakes to Avoid when Applying for a Subclass 485 Visa in Australia

Some of the mistakes that you need to avoid when applying for this visa are as follows:

  •  Timing is essential 

A student can apply for this visa within six months of course completion. The date might be affected based on the final results. Most of the students are of the idea that graduation date is important. But students must apply for the visa between the course completion date and their student visa expiry date. 

Most of the things depend on when you complete the course; you might lodge it before some weeks. You need to ensure that you submit the details of every application, or else there are chances that your visa application might get rejected.


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  • Documents that are linked with the university 

Before you lodge the subclass 485 visa application, you need to have a completion letter from your university. The letter that you receive needs to mention the proper dates of qualification and study. If you want to register under a CRICOS course, you might need to recheck the course duration, and it must be for three months. 

  • You must reside in Australia

It is necessary that you be present in Australia for at least sixteen months. The time needs to be between the start of your course and the completion date. You may face difficulties if you spend time outside the country while your studies are going on. You need to cross-check before you lodge your temporary graduate visa 485.

  • You need to be successful in the English test

You must avoid looking for an English test at the last moment. If you have prepared for this test from the beginning, you can easily clear the test with above-average scores. You may also be granted a temporary graduate visa during that time. 

But if you are unable to submit the English test result despite clearing it, your visa application might be rejected. If you delay the visa process, you cannot seek help from the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. 

  • You are required to get federal police clearances 

You need to provide evidence of Federal Police checks before you lodge your Australian visa. You also require a certain lodgement receipt, or else there are chances that your visa might be rejected. 

  • Health insurance 

You are required to fulfil the visa criteria to be able to show evidence of health insurance. You must ensure to make adequate arrangements in Australia for your insurance cover. You must display evidence at different stages of the application, and they can include:

  1. OSHC or Overseas Student Health Cover evidence during the time of visa lodgement, processing and during the grant of the visa.
  2. It is essential when you are applying for permanent residency, or else your visa might be rejected by the concerned authorities.
  • You must follow the correct pathway 

The Graduate and Post study work streams are different streams under this visa, and you might favour the post-study work stream due to the following reasons:

  1. The validity of this stream is for two to four years, and it also depends on your qualification. But in the case of the graduate work stream, it is only valid for one and a half years. 
  2. You need to assess your skills for the graduate stream but not for this stream. 
  3. There are no restrictions on occupations under the post-study work stream.
  • Criteria for the subclass 485 visa 

If you want to qualify for the 485 visas in Australia, You need to fulfil the following requirements:

  1. If there are gaps between your qualifications, you can add more than one course. 
  2. The type of course that you will take will depend on your chosen stream.
  3. If you are a graduate diploma, you cannot apply for the post-study work stream. 
  • Evaluation of your skills 

For the graduate work stream, there are certain criteria of skill evaluation in your work for a visa grant.

  1. You are not required to complete an assessment before you lodge this visa, but you must show a receipt that will confirm your lodging of the visa.
  2. You can nominate your occupation on IFSOL.
  3. During the time when your visa is processed, you must stick to your current work and follow the skills evaluation criteria. 
  4. You will be unable to change your occupation. 
  5. You could appeal for a decision from the concerned authorities if your skills assessment was rejected. 
  • Section 48 of the Migration Act 

If you have been denied this Australian visa, you will not be able to apply from any area of Australia for another visa. This is all due to the Migration Act’s Section 48; the section will apply to you if you live in Australia under a bridging visa.  

Final Words 

If you desire to apply for the visa subclass 485, you must follow all the steps above. If you have doubts even after following all the steps, you can take the help of a migration agent in your area; they can help you as they are experts in this type of work. 


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