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The latest Tech-Development in the Pharma Industry

The pharmaceutical industry was one of the underrated industries in the past, with no spotlight on them. They stayed and worked hard in the background serving humanity diligently. The pandemic changed this situation. When every other industry shut down, pharmaceutical industries had to work day and night to fight against the deadly virus and find a cure and a vaccine for it. Many companies developed a vaccine for the virus within a year, which is remarkable. This was possible only with the help of new technologies in the field of medicine.

This article focuses on new technologies adapted by pharma companies in India and the world.

The Latest Technologies In Pharma Industries

Artificial Intelligence

It is no surprise that artificial intelligence has also entered the pharma industry. This has been saving a lot of time and energy for everyone. AI is helping the industry get better at predictions and analysis of data. This helps identify patterns in medical concerns across the globe by going through medical records uploaded in the cloud all in one go, which could take months for humans to do.

The technology creates organ simulations to test the drugs instead of human and animal trials. So, This is a significant leap as it circumvents the time and energy put into clinical trials. The losses of lives due to side effects could be eliminated.

Data Analytics and Management

Most of the budget of pharmaceutical industries goes into the R&D of new drugs. So, The development of a new compound can cost up to 2.5 billion USD. With the help of data analytics, the cost is reduced, and so is the time is taken. Data analytics and machine learning give us data about a drug’s potential results and side effects. You can create a drug virtually with the data and check its potency without putting it on trial. The most efficient ones alone can be developed and tested in later stages, saving much money.

3-D Printing in Manufacturing Pills

Pills are one of the staples of the pharma industry. Pills in many forms and sizes are produce annually across the globe for various illnesses. It is one of the common forms of drugs taken. Manufacturing pills is a long process. Getting the composition right, how the pill holds its shape etc., is determine by the process. The 3-D printing technology is all set to revolutionize drug manufacturing. Layered drugs are also in the making, which could eliminate people taking multiple pills at a time. Pharma companies in India look forward to utilizing this technology to the fullest.

Block Chain in Supply Chain

Blockchain is a simple concept in a complicated form. Blockchain is like a ledger where every move, every change, and every exchange is note and a copy of which everybody on the chain has—using this technology to govern the supply chain records., every transaction of the drug till it reaches the customer with the help of bar codes. We can know which drug reached which customer with the help of this technology. This helps reduce the circulation of counterfeits in the market.


Every industry needs updates now and then, and the pharmaceutical industry, one of the life-saving industries, has to adapt to changing times and work to improve human health. So, Pharmaceutical companies in India have begun to use technology in the most scintillating way possible, which is laudable.

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