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The importance of properly cleaning and disinfecting your new home

Coronavirus concerns aside, thorough cleaning and disinfection of the new home has always been recommended before moving in. There’s nothing like a big clean before moving in!


The answer is simple. You don’t know (it’s often better not to know!) how the last occupants lived. What were their lifestyle habits, their level of hygiene, and the state of their health? Furthermore, a clean, healthy, and safe living environment is essential.

This is why we advise you to take advantage of empty premises to clean them thoroughly and disinfect them before arrival.


Here is what you need to properly clean and disinfect to do a thorough cleaning before moving in:

  • A cleaning and disinfectant product. However, if you do not have a combination product, use a cleaner first and then a disinfectant. Also, know that it is essential to always clean before disinfecting. Never mix two products. The combination of certain components could cause harmful and damaging chemical reactions.
  • Several cloths or rags, preferably microfiber, for their effectiveness. Note that any other type of rag, rag or tea towel will also work if you use a different cloth for each area or room to avoid cross-contamination. BUY OUR MICROFIBERS
  • Latex gloves. Wear them all the time while cleaning and disinfecting, then remove and throw them away immediately after you’re done. Wearing gloves for washing dishes can be an effective alternative, but you must also dispose of them after the operation.


Pay special attention to the most frequented rooms and the most touched surfaces. Indeed, these places are prone to harboring numerous microbes, bacteria, mold, viruses, and other repulsive residues…

The kitchen The sink, counters, shelves, pantry, interior and exterior of cabinets, drawers, and, if included in the lease, appliances.

The bathroom The sink, the shower, the bathtub, the toilet, the vanity, and, as with the kitchen, the interior and exterior of the cabinets and drawers. Whatever it is, allow the disinfectant product to act on damp surfaces for at least 10 minutes before scrubbing and rinsing. This rest time is recommended because it will enable the disinfectant to maximize the elimination of viruses and bacteria.

Frequently touched places: All handles in the home, doors, windows, cabinets, drawers, cupboards, wardrobes, and most importantly, all switches.


Essential spaces and locations are now clean and disinfected. So you can move on to the secondary surfaces—walls, ceilings, floors, window frames and glass, ceiling fans, chandeliers, etc. Then, finish with the feet, a sweep, vacuuming, and a good wash with lukewarm water.


If carpet covers the floors of certain rooms in your new home. Office Cleaning Seattle and disinfection are essential because this is the nest favored by bacteria, mites, and other dirt particles.

You can do this yourself with a good brush and carpet disinfectant shampoo. You can also rent a shampoo machine or, of course, call on the services of professionals in housekeeping and disinfection!

This major cleaning operation before moving in will take you a few hours. However, this time is a good investment because you will benefit from it! Firstly, because you will be moving into a new home that is clean and smells good. But also because you and your family will benefit from a new, healthier, safer living space.

Good cleaning, good disinfection, and above all, happy moving!

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