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The fascinating thing when you decide to travel to Morocco.

Traditional Moroccan handicrafts are beautiful and worth buying as souvenirs to remember your Best time to travel to Morocco. From delicately painted ceramics to bejeweled dresses and shoes to hand-woven carpets from the mountains, you can find unique and stunning goods in Morocco. Try visiting the Souks, traditional morocco markets that sell lots of local items and are usually cover to block the sun.

 The best things you remember while traveling to Morocco

Travel Morocco is one of the world’s great producers of illicit hashish. You will probably ask if you may like to get more than a few times. Affectionately referred to as Moroccan or Berber “whiskey,” mint tea is the cultural drink of Morocco. It is a culture that the great the host pours the tea, the more critical the guest is. The king of Morocco has official tea pourers who stand on ladders pouring his royal drink. The “Djellaba” is the Moroccan national costume. This is a one-piece unisex garment with a calf-length hood.

Must try the Mint tea during Travel to Morocco

Drinking mint tea is commonplace in travel to Morocco. Fresh mint leaves are set into a silver teapot, sometimes with a few sugar cubes, and pour with hot water. The tea was pour into small glass cups and drunk with friends and family. You will often be offered a cup of mint tea in a cafe or when visiting some hotels. s drinking tea is a common custom of hospitality. Drink it as often as possible; it’s one of the freshest tea you have ever had. Sometimes it seems too hot for tea in Morocco, but drinking mint beverages helps cool your body temperature and quench your thirst. Therefore, never refuse tea, even on a hot day.

Must visit the train when traveling to Morocco!

Having visited several countries where train service is overcrowded, outrageously expensive. Or completely unreliable (ask us about the train you will take in India that was 15 hours late), you’re generally a cautious pessimist. But you have discovered that the trains in Morocco run according to the timetable and are comfortable and reasonably priced. For example, a first-class train ticket from Casablanca to Fes will cost you a large comfortable seat in a 5-person cabin with plenty of room and storage space. If you want to spend some money. You can opt for a different class, but you won’t get an ultra-seat, which can be very crowded. There is often a queue at the station ticket offices, but they offer ticket machines in different languages ​​, so you don’t have to wait.

Affordability of everything

Travel to Morocco is a great country for tourism or traveling for little money. The cost of living is relatively lower, and you can still enjoy fun trips and activities without breaking the bank. The World packers Morocco Travel Guide is an excellent resource for planning a trip to Morocco on a budget. Even in amazing restaurants, you can get a 3-course meal for 120 dirhams or $12. An average tourist restaurant serves meals for around 40 dirhams ($5). And a cheap small restaurant will serve meals from 10 to 20 dirhams ($1 or $4). Buying from the street market will be even more affordable; you can get huge bags of fruit and vegetables for 10 dirhams ($1), and you can get loaves of bread for just a few cents.

Travel to morocco is a great experience for you!

When you visit the Best time to travel to Morocco, you will notice that it is a country full of snow-capped mountains, barren deserts, maze-like medinas, and colorful markets. France, Spain, and Africa influenced Morocco. As such, you will find a wide variety of people, languages spoken, landscapes, and architecture.

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