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The Countries Where We Can Visit For Vlogging – How To Apply

The entire planet is a fantastic, mesmerising, and gorgeous place, and there isn’t a single part of it that isn’t worth going and experiencing. Indeed, there is an adventure and an interesting view around every corner, and it would be a waste of time if you did not pack your bags and travel to at least one great location each year! However, if you are not a big traveler or are on a strict budget, there is still a fantastic possibility to explore a lot more new and interesting sites throughout the world without even spending a fortune – get connected with PIA travel agents.

​​Monaco cannot be confuse with any other destination in the world – the city (or country) is the ideal combination of all traditional European traditions, bringing the real European vibe you can find and appreciate on every small cobblestone street there. Monaco’s peculiar beauty is just seductive, and the natural and easy elegance of this city is simply enchanting. Definitely a stunning setting for all types of vlogging videos and Instagram posts, it’s no surprise that so many vloggers are drawn to Monaco and devote their films to this magnificent dot of class, model, and elegance, and beauty on the globe map.


When it comes to popular vloggers taking a break from their everyday lives and spending a couple of unforgettable summer weeks, Greece is the first thing that comes to mind! Greece is truly a blessed land with numerous amazing islands, vacation spots, historical monuments, and dramatic landscapes, but what draws people in general, and vloggers in particular, to this wonderful land are the breathtaking beaches! Check out the latest videos from your favourite vloggers to spend your summer on some of Greece’s best beaches!


This may come as a surprise to you, but Iceland is becoming increasingly popular as a vacation destination with each passing year. Maybe it’s because of the country’s non-traditional and unique character, or because people choose to visit it as a vacation destination, or because the quirkiness of local traditions and food, or because vloggers are always looking for unusual and special places to share with you, but Iceland has definitely attracted a lot of online content makers in recent years. So, what better way to discover the remote and eccentric nation than by watching a few videos?! Located on the border of the Atlantic Circle, expect volcanic activity, fairytale-like turquoise lagoons, stunning vistas, and boiling hot springs.


Returning to the classics, as if anyone needed another reason to visit and enjoy Italy! Italy is a country that combines all of the world’s wonders and charms – history and natural beauty, picturesque landscapes and mesmerising architecture, finger-licking good food and a warm welcome. It is truly vast and diverse, but every corner and step in the country is simply amazing and beautiful. There is no being here, who is not capable of falling in love with Italy, and vloggers are no exception!


It would be a difficult decision to pick between visiting Italy and visiting France, but the greatest part is that you don’t have to make this decision since you may visit both wonderful countries due to your favourite vloggers. Vloggers are drawn to France like a magnet, and it’s easy to see why: every inch of this wonderful nation is worth at least a photo, and an entire film would scarcely capture and reveal all of France’s beauty. France is a fascinating, romantic, and atmospheric piece of land under the sun that combines everything in one spot – the mesmerising Paris, the gorgeous Provence, the glamorous southern coast, and more.


There’s a good chance you’ll fall in love with Morocco, especially if you see it through the eyes of your favourite vlogger! Imagine all the hidden little streets that form a labyrinth across Moroccan cities and towns, the vibrant and bustling street bazaars, the thousands of different specialities like spices or stones or anything that is worth of called treasure.

The Maldives

Here is the personification of the ideal summer vacation – The Maldives are a lovely summer vacation for everyone under the sun, and a dream come true for many vloggers. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to visit and enjoy this paradise land, to soak up the sun all day while lying on the beach and gazing at the crystal clear turquoise water while sipping on an exotic fruity cocktail, you can always check out the latest summer video by your favourite vlogger and it’ll be easy to imagine. After all, it’s a difficult life that someone has to live, therefore let’s express a heartfelt Thank You! to all the vloggers that spend their time on the internet.

Good luck with safe travelling! Don’t forget to stay safe due to Covid!

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